The Real Talk about #WaterTok

Infused water and cell phone

Love it or hate it, #WaterTok is getting people on TikTok and everywhere talking about one of our favorite topics: hydration. There are fans and haters; recipes and parodies. Whether you are #WaterTok loyal or a #RealWaterTok purist, there's one thing that isn’t up for debate and that's the water. No matter how you choose to hydrate, you should always consider the water you are using - that's where we come in. 

Mountain Valley in kitchen

Mountain Valley Spring Water is water as nature intended, purely sourced from our protected spring deep in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains. Our water is naturally mineralized, naturally alkalized and naturally free of additives. We bottle directly at our spring, just as we have for more than 150 years and deliver it straight to your door. 

But we get it, sometimes you want to jazz up your regular water routine and we're here to help, so we've rounded up some of our best ideas:

Mountain Valley and computer

Whenever you hydrate, always have the the crisp, purely sourced and award-winning flavor of Mountain Valley Spring Water close at hand by having it delivered to your home or office. Enter your zip code on our Home Delivery page to find a Mountain Valley local distributor near you and get started today!

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