Grilled Blackberry Lemonade with White Peach feat. Mountain Valley & The Big Green Egg

Grilled Blackberry Lemonade with White Peach

We're cheersing to our Big Green Summer Giveaway by bringing you another unique and refreshing recipe featuring Mountain Valley and The Big Green Egg.

This is also your reminder to enter our giveaway before it ends on September 8 HERE and you might receive a Large Big Green Egg in an intEGGrated Nest+Handler Package as well as a full pallet of Mountain Valley Spring Water - that's 60 CASES of your favorite Spring & Sparkling water in 333ml glass - delivered straight to your door.

Alright, after all that hard work entering the giveaway, you deserve a break. How about a grilled cocktail (or refreshing mocktail!)? What better way to celebrate these last glorious weeks of summer than with this Grilled Blackberry Lemonade with White Peach cocktail feat. Mountain Valley White Peach Sparkling and fruit grilled on a Big Green Egg from #TeamGreen partner @tylerplayswithfire, full recipe below. 



Grilled Blackberry Lemonade with White Peach

Grilled Lemonade ingredients

For the simple syrup:



  • Bring water & sugar to a boil until the sugar dissolves.
  • Reduce heat and add the berries.
  • Simmer & stir until the syrup has taken on the color, but not until the berries fall apart.
  • Strain berries out & set aside.

Blackberries on a cutting board with knife

 For the garnish:

  • Take strained berries, approximately 1 tbsp of honey and mix so the berry segments separate, but don’t mix to a mush.

squeezing lemons for the cocktail

For the cocktail:



  • Combine ingredients and pour over ice, spoon a bar spoon of garnish on top and give it a stir.

 Pro-tip: Make this a non-alcoholic mocktail by simply not adding whiskey & increasing the Mountain Valley White Peach Sparkling Water to 3 oz.


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