Deep in the heart of our great land, beneath the protected, untamed soil of The Ouachita Mountains, U.S.A, an all-natural American goodness flows.

Mountain Valley Spring Water has been naturally free-flowing inside our heartland for 1000s of years. Its sacred source is tucked deep in the pristine wilderness of the Ouachitas, where we’ve been bottling it in glass to preserve its award-winning, mineral-rich taste, and the planet, since 1871.


Every day, every moment is an opportunity to cleanse our bodies, minds, and spirits. To rehydrate on pure health and fundamental truths and principles. To tap into our rawest, most natural goodness and let it flow. Whether we search deep inside ourselves or venture out into our great big beautiful world, our richest, truest, most invigorating life source always flows. All we have to do is go back to the source and drink up.


This land is our land and it demands our respect and gratitude. We've protected this wild and stunning nature and the source that flows beneath it since it was discovered in 1871. And we are dedicated to preserving and delivering its goodness to the nation as we have for the past 150 years.


Mountain Valley Spring Water is the original local, mountain to table ingredient. And the only pure, premium American spring water bottled in glass to preserve its mineral-rich, award-winning taste. Not surprising, its pure and perfect balance is the natural go-to for so many top American chefs.


Mountain Valley Spring Water has been delivering nature’s pure, premium, authentic goodness since 1871. It’s been the proud healer and hydrator of leaders, fighters, and legends from President to President. From Sugar Ray to Sinatra to the King himself. Bottled in glass by generations of hard-working hands. Because our bodies, minds, and free spirits deserve nothing but the original, pure, premium best.

Our History

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We originated from Hot Springs, Arkansas and were originally know as “Lockett’s Spring Water,” until pharmacist Peter E. Greene and his brother, John Greene renamed our mineral rich spring water Mountain Valley after a small community nearby.


Ownership of the spring was transferred to a major stockholder named August Schlafly, making hime and his family the sole owners

Franchise offices followed in Chicago, Illinois, and New York City, some out of pure coincidence and shared enjoyment of the same spring water.


Mountain Valley Water becomes the favorite among the United States Senate, and remains so today. We are proud to say that President after President has served Mountain Valley at the White House.

Schlafly purchased the DeSoto Spring Mineral Water Company, located at 150 Central Avenue in Hot Springs. The two-story, Classical revival brick building was built specifically to house a mineral water depot.


We stretched our legs and distribution began in California, making Mountain Valley the first bottled water to be available coast to coast.


Clinicians note improvements in the health of patients suffering from kidney and liver disorders and rheumatism after introducing our 7.8 pH water into their diets.


Mountain Valley Water Company makes the DeSoto building its national headquarters and visitor center.


The Schlaflys sold the company to a group of distributors under the leadership of John G. Scott. The company’s headquarters were moved to Paramus, New Jersey, and the historic Mountain Valley building was closed.


Gammons Enterprises of Dallas, Texas, purchased the company and returned administrative operations to Hot Springs. Gammons sold the company on April 2004 to private ownership.


Mountain Valley wins 11 Awards from the prestigious annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.


Mountain Valley wins two Gold Medals for Best Sparkling and Best Flavored Essence Sparkling at The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.


We’re still bottled at the source, shipped coast to coast, and naturally ionized. We haven’t fussed with much, and we still offer the same, convenient home + office delivery we’ve had since day one.



As the first company to deliver bottled water coast to coast, Mountain Valley’s mission is to preserve the purity, integrity and benefits of our spring. Our national distributor network makes it easy to bring the source right to your door. Our water is available in a convenient range of sizes including our premium glass bottles that preserve the natural spring water’s mineral-rich, healthy quality and taste. Whether for your home or business, Mountain Valley makes it easy to keep your family, employees and customers healthy and hydrated with America’s award-winning water.

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