It’s no secret we believe in unearthing great drinking water. Every glass water bottle, 2.5- and 5- gallons is packed with premium hydration. Naturally rich in essential minerals like potassium with a naturally balanced alkalinity, it’s spring bottled water that benefits your body right down to your cells. This natural American goodness comes perfectly preserved in premium glass water bottles and conveniently delivered right to your door.

Our spring water naturally rises from the heart of Ouachita Mountains, USA. The spring is a treasure trove of health benefits from deep within the land. Every ounce filters through layers of shale, sandstone and limestone into a granite-based aquifer 1,600 feet deep, then rises through beds of Ordovician marble. The entire process takes about 3,500 years. What emerges is naturally pure, sodium-free water brimming with calcium, magnesium and potassium. These minerals are a powerful source of wellness, and are often overlooked in modern diets.

Beyond the mineral content, Mountain Valley Spring Water has a perfectly balanced pH range of 7.3 to 7.7. That balanced alkalinity is naturally detoxifying and helps our bodies neutralize acidity to optimize tissue and cell health. While much of what we eat or drink increases acidity, research points to alkaline as a healthier and more balanced state. A balanced body is better at absorbing essential vitamins and minerals, has a stronger immune system and can benefit from a host of other health benefits, like reducing allergy symptoms.

“While many foods and additives that we consume like meats, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and pesticides acidify the body, alkaline water can help offset this acidity and therefore protect the body from damage,” says Soyona Rafatjah, MD, Medical Director and Co-Founder of PrimeHealth, an Integrative and Functional Medicine Primary Care Practice in Denver, CO. Her professional tip is that Mountain Valley is optimal for its mineral water benefits and pH. “The pH of their water is 7.3-7.7, which keeps your body in the ideal pH level (around 7.3-7.4) without overshooting. Many other alkaline waters have a pH of 8-10, which could potentially place you at risk for an excessively alkaline and harmful state called alkalosis.”

She also adds that importance of maintaining healthy levels of natural essential minerals. “It is beneficial to drink water that's naturally rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium because our soil, and therefore the fruits and vegetables that we normally consume, are getting more depleted of them over the years. That’s why we need to seek such minerals elsewhere. These minerals are necessary for basic bodily function and optimization of cardiovascular health, bone health, and muscle contraction,” she says.

As the first company to deliver bottled water coast to coast, Mountain Valley’s mission is to preserve the purity, integrity and benefits of our spring. Our glass bottles protect the naturally-balanced pH and ionization so you can enjoy an unparalleled mountain-to-table experience. And we deliver our premium spring water in a convenient range of premium glass bottles— all the way up to 5 gallons. In fact, we are the only national water delivery brand that still delivers 2.5- and 5-gallon spring water in a glass water bottle. So at home, work or wherever you need to stay healthy and hydrated, you can count on Mountain Valley to deliver thirst-quenching goodness to every cell. And using recyclable glass is just one way we pay tribute to the amazing American resource we’re honored to bring to your door.

Go back to the source and keep the natural American goodness flowing without ever leaving home by ordering spring water home delivery here.

*Please recycle. Recycling facilities may not be available in your community.