Elevate Your Morning Caffeine with Premium Spring Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water makes morning coffee or tea better

Mornings are for waking up, starting anew and refreshing — often with the help of caffeine. Whether you prefer coffee or tea to kick start your day, a surefire way to make those beverages even more refreshing: steeping them in premium spring water such as Mountain Valley Spring Water. 

Mountain Valley, the country’s most award-winning bottled water, comes from a protected source located deep in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains of the Southern U.S. Thanks to this source, Mountain Valley Spring Water is naturally infused with trace minerals that give our water a neutral pH and delicious flavor, two qualities ideally suited for the perfect cup of tea or mug of coffee. 

If you’re thinking about making your morning brighter with spring water, there is none better than Mountain Valley. 

Woman pouring spring water to make coffee

The Best Teas and Coffees Start With the Best Water

Arguments continue to abound as to “the best” ways to brew tea and coffee. A U.S. scientist recently caused an international kerfuffle when she suggested, per ancient Chinese customs, adding a dash of salt to tea to give the hot beverage less of a bitter bite. Her advice outraged Brits, who claimed salt shouldn’t come anywhere close to their beloved cuppas. 

Salt is just the latest in the Great Tea Debate, where aficionados bicker over everything from bagged teas vs. loose-leaf teas, to ideal water temperature for steeping, and allowable add-ins — sugar cubes, brown sugar, artificial sweeteners, cream, milk, oat milk, agave, honey … a pinch of salt?

In the world of coffee, things are no less contentious. While most agree that there are seven common brew methods — espresso machine, auto drip, pour over, French press, Aeropress, siphon and cold brew — there is plenty for the coffee folks to fight over, as well: beans, sourcing, roasting styles, grinds, grinders, brewing times, brewing temperatures, and the list goes on. 

One thing all of these tea and coffee lovers can agree on, however, is that you cannot make a great version of either drink if you don’t first start with great water. 

Pouring spring water for tea

Spring Water vs. Other Waters for Coffee and Tea

Before we discuss our favorite water for brewing delicious pots of coffee and tea, let’s take a look at why other waters fall short. 

Distilled water: This is water in its purest state. Distilled water is stringently stripped of everything that is not H2O. While distilled water is great for science experiments and cleaning medical equipment, it’s far from a winner flavor-wise. Distilled water tastes unusually bland and flat, making it less than ideal for a great cup of coffee or tea. 

Tap water: To ensure tap water is safe to drink, water treatment facilities often process it with harsh chemicals such as chlorine. Then the water travels through a maze of municipal pipes and into the pipes of your home, potentially picking up any manner of contaminants and calcifications along the way. These chemicals and contaminants can make tap water “hard,” meaning highly mineralized, which can lead to a noticeable aftertaste in tap water. Hard water can negatively interact with the oils and acids in coffees and teas, bringing out off and bitter flavors. 

Purified water: Take tap water, filter it and treat it to remove those chemicals and contaminants, and you have purified water. While purified water can be safer to drink than some tap waters, the purification process can strip water of essential minerals, leaving behind a less-than-desirable taste that may also be too flat or bland to produce a truly great morning coffee or tea. 

Coffee with Mountain Valley Spring Water

Our favorite water for coffee and tea: spring water — Think of premium spring waters such as Mountain Valley as the Goldilocks of waters. Sourced from the earth, Mountain Valley Spring Water is water as nature intended it. Our spring water springs forth naturally infused with just a hint of trace minerals. These minerals give our water a crisp, rounded and refreshing flavor that is flat-out delicious — and that make everything they touch, coffee or tea, delightfully delicious, too. 

So, what exactly is “the best” water for brewing coffee and tea? 

We may be a bit biased, but Mountain Valley Spring Water is, for so many reasons, tough to beat. 

Mountain Valley Spring Water and a morning coffee

The Mountain Valley Spring Water Difference

While many coffee and tea fanatics understand the importance of spring water for their recipes, not all spring waters are created and bottled equally. 

The water we bottle at Mountain Valley Spring Water fell from the skies as rain and snow some 4,000 years ago. It sank into granite-lined aquifers deep in the Ouachita Mountains, then filtered back to the surface through layers of quartz and Ordovician marble. That epic journey imparts our water with trace minerals that give our water its crisp, refreshing and award-winning flavor — and that make our water so wonderful in things like coffee and tea. 

At Mountain Valley Spring Water, we work hard to protect our spring and its source. While many bottled water companies choose to source their water in proximity to densely populated municipalities, we at Mountain Valley choose proximity to nature. We know our water stands alone. Mountain Valley doesn’t need conditioners and additives, it is, quite simply and purely, what it is — delicious. 

Mountain Valley Spring and Sparkling Water in the morning

The Best Water for Everything in the Morning

Yes, Mountain Valley Spring Water is the best for brewing the perfect cups of coffee and tea. But while you’re at it, why not make your morning even more refreshing, with even more Mountain Valley?

Mountain Valley Spring Water also makes the best almond milk. And all you need are two ingredients: almonds and Mountain Valley. That’s it. The best coffees/teas, after all, deserve the best accompaniments. Find our easy homemade almond milk recipes here

Not a fan of coffee or tea? Skip the add-ins and start your morning with the crisp, purely balanced refreshment of the country’s most award-winning water, and with the natural trace minerals packed into every Mountain Valley sip. A cool glass of Mountain Valley Spring Water and, well, that’s it. That’s all. That’s a morning done right. 

Mountain Valley Spring Water and teapot

The Best Water for Your Morning — Delivered

You’ve got plenty of things to worry about in the morning — brew temps, bean grinds, over-salted tea — running low on Mountain Valley Spring Water doesn’t have to be another. With home or office delivery of Mountain Valley, you can be sure your personal well of spring water never runs dry. Even better: We’ll do the driving and hauling and heavy lifting for you. Make your mornings grand. Get started with home or office water delivery here.

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