Pros & Cons of Home Spring Water Delivery Versus a Home RO System

Clean water is essential. 

It is the basis of health, growth and wellness. It is a building block of life. 

Having easy access to clean water in your home is equally essential. But it’s not always as simple as it should be. From filtration pitchers to fridge filters to whole home reverse-osmosis systems, many solutions for clean, healthy home drinking water require ongoing effort — refilling containers, replacing filters — or a significant monetary investment. 

With Mountain Valley Spring Water, there is a better way. 

Our home delivery services bring crisp, award winning, purely spring-sourced water to your home with no fuss and no plumbers. Mountain Valley Spring Water delivery allows you to drink in our delicious water any time of day without having to reconfigure drain lines, drill through walls or displace countertops. It is the easy way to bring clean, delicious drinking water to your home and family. 

But it’s not the only way. If you’re considering a reverse-osmosis system for your home, consider home water delivery as an alternative. While no one solution is perfect for everyone, Mountain Valley home delivery can save you time, construction and headaches. 

Here’s a look at how we compare. 

Mountain Valley Spring Water Home Delivery: The Pros

It’s natural: This isn’t just water. This is Mountain Valley Spring Water. Our water didn’t come from a municipal tap or industrial plant. Our water fell from the clouds 4,000-some years ago. It filtered deep into the verdant earth of what’s now the Ouachita Mountains of the Southern U.S. It pooled in granite-lined aquifers then slowly filtered back to the surface through layers of quartz and limestone. These striations infuse our water with natural minerals and imbue it with a slight alkalinity. 

This isn’t just water. This is water that, for thousands of years, has been prized for its crisp, rounded and purely refreshing flavor. This is water that, for 150 years, we have worked to protect and sustain. Mountain Valley Spring Water isn’t just water. It is water as nature intended. 

It’s delicious: The thing about nature: It’s rarely wrong. All those millennia, all those layers, all that natural filtration — it makes for great water. Just ask the judges at the esteemed Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. Since the event’s inception in 1991, Mountain Valley Spring Water has garnered a whopping 19 awards, including Best Bottled Spring Water and Best Flavored Essence Sparkling Water (to be clear, that’s best in the world). 

Those trace minerals, that slight alkalinity, the fact we bottle our water directly from our protected source — it adds up. It creates a water that tastes as water should: pure, crisp, refreshing. It creates Mountain Valley Spring Water. 

It’s easy: At Mountain Valley, we take the work out of water. Our home-delivery services mean you have all the water you can drink brought directly to your doorstep. Mountain Valley Spring Water’s nationwide network of partners make this possible. From the coasts of California to the cliffs of Maine to the coral-laden shores of Florida, we are where you are, all across the U.S. 

It’s sustainable: Our 2.5 and 5-gallon glass jugs don’t simply preserve Mountain Valley Spring Water’s award-winning flavor, they keep our operations sustainable, as well. Many of Mountain Valley’s glass jugs have been reused for decades. We do so the old-fashioned way: Our local distributors pick up empty bottles, and then they’re sanitized, refilled with our purely sourced water, and delivered back to homes and offices across the U.S.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems: The Pros

While whole-home reverse osmosis water filtration systems, or RO systems, have their highlights, let’s start with what an RO system is and how it works. 

RO systems filter water using high pressure. This pressure pushes the water through a semipermeable membrane that filters out not just visual contaminants, such as sediment and sludge, but also invisible ones like lead, asbestos and more. In osmosis, as you may remember from school, water moves from a substance with a lower concentration of dissolved solids across a membrane and into a substance with a higher concentration of dissolved solids. RO systems reverse this migration pattern, using pressure to push water from its higher-concentration state (complete with sediment and contaminants) to a lower-concentration state that is cleaner and healthier for human consumption. 

As for those RO system pros … 

Filters 99% of contaminants: RO systems are incredibly effective at filtration. They will catch large contaminants as well as most dissolved solids, including minerals (more on this in the cons). An RO system, as Forbes magazine put it, “essentially strips the water down to basic molecules as it passes through.”

Offers water on demand: Most residential RO systems are installed directly at your home sink, allowing you to have clean, contaminant-free drinking water at the push of a button.

Mineral-free water has its place: For home brewers of beer, wine or kombucha, water that is almost entirely free of minerals can help brew better beverages. RO systems can even filter out fluoride added by counties or municipalities. Mineral-less water is also good for aquariums filled with fish and coral. 

 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems: The Cons

They waste water: Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of a home RO system is all the water that goes to waste. “Studies show various reverse osmosis systems can waste between three and 20 times as much water as they produce,” Forbes reported in April 2022. “This is both wasteful on an environmental scale and for homeowners whose water bills might be significantly higher than they otherwise would be.”

They filter out the minerals that make tasty water: If you’ve ever accidentally consumed 100% distilled water, you know it tastes flat and lifeless, nothing like good water should. Water needs trace amounts of key minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium) to taste like — well — water. These minerals are what give Mountain Valley Spring Water the lush, crisp flavor that’s made us the most award-winning bottled water brand in the U.S. And they’re what you can lose with a home RO system. 

They reduce the pH of water: While Mountain Valley Spring Water has a natural alkalinity, a higher pH that may benefit digestion and reduce acid reflux, RO systems create water that is free of minerals and thus more acidic. While this isn’t likely to impact humans, it may be corrosive to plumbing systems. 

They can be costly to install and maintain: Point-of-use RO systems must be retrofitted to each sink at which you want clean water. This could mean moving plumbing and drilling through the countertop to make room for the water spigot. Whole-home RO systems can require even more plumbing work. Homes with low water pressure may also need extra pumps to push the water through the RO membranes. And those membranes and filters don’t last forever. “Annual filter and other maintenance costs may average anywhere from $50 to $100 a year,” according to Forbes, “with costs that are higher for whole-home systems over point-of-use systems.”

Mountain Valley Spring Water Home Delivery: The Cons

We are tempted to say there aren’t any, but we may be a bit biased. 

There’s always a chance your Mountain Valley Spring Water delivery person takes a wrong turn, delaying your water shipment by a few precious minutes. 

There’s a chance your friends or in-laws love your Mountain Valley Spring Water so much, they never leave. 

There’s a chance you love Mountain Valley so much, you start boiling your pasta in it, crafting your cocktails with it, using it to brush your teeth and wash your face. There’s a chance this excessive Mountain Valley consumption will lead you to run out sooner than expected, necessitating a few more clicks to get your next batch delivered ASAP. 

We think these risks are well worth it. Taste the award-winning difference for yourself. Get started with Mountain Valley Spring Water home delivery by clicking here.

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