Best Bottled Water: Why Mountain Valley Spring Water is the Clear Winner

Grabbing Mountain Valley bottle from cooler


For the very best bottled water, look no further than the award-winning, naturally mineralized refreshment of Mountain Valley Spring Water.

What’s the best bottled water? Who makes the best bottled water? Where can I find the best bottled water? Such questions are as old as the internet. And here at Mountain Valley Spring Water, their answers are the same. 

Ahem, hi! It’s us!

Are we biased? Perhaps. But we’re not saying we’re the best bottled water just to say it. We have plenty of evidence to back this up. Evidence that goes back hundreds and thousands of years. Evidence from independent sources. Evidence that leads to one crisp and purely refreshing solution: Mountain Valley Spring Water is the very best bottled water you can drink. 

Mountain Valley Spring water on top of building

The best bottled water because we’re the oldest bottled water poured across the U.S. 

Few folks have been in the business of bottling water longer than Mountain Valley. 

Since 1871, we’ve bottled our spring water directly from our same protected source deep in the heart of Arkansas’s Ouachita Mountains. As word of our delicious, spring-fed water spread, so did our bottles — from Texas to Maine, California to the Carolinas. In 1928, Mountain Valley became the first bottled water to be enjoyed coast to coast across the United States.

The beauty of Mountain Valley is that, in our more than 150 years, little has changed. Sure, our business has grown and evolved, but our purely sourced spring water still flows naturally from that same protected Ouachita Mountains spring. 

We still bottle in 100% recyclable glass. We still don’t mess with additives of any kind. And we still have devoted fans all across the country. 

Mountain Valley Spring Water historical bottles

The best bottled water because we have history

Before our spring became the home of Mountain Valley Spring Water, it was famous in its own right. The namesake hot springs in and around Hot Springs, Arkansas, the place we call home, have been attracting wellness seekers for millennia. 

Indigenous peoples, such as the Caddo, Choctaw, Cherokee, Quapaw and Tunica, occupied this central region of the Ouachita Mountains for more than 10,000 years, drawn to it by the area’s abundant resources, including its many naturally flowing hot springs. On the western slope alone of what’s now known as Hot Springs Mountain, 47 thermal springs can be found with water pushing up from the earth at a toasty 147 degrees. 

These springs were such a source of health, that they were considered neutral ground by these native nations and tribes; places where feuds would be set aside in the name of wellbeing. 

Ouachita Mountains view of woman with Mountain Valley bottle

The best bottled water because we protect it

When you’ve got the very best bottled water, you do everything you can to safeguard it — which is exactly how we operate at Mountain Valley Spring Water. Our source is surrounded by 2,000 verdant acres of protected forest. 

Since 1871, we've worked hard to preserve this unique spring, its land, and the water that flows beneath it. That water fell from the skies some 3,500 years ago as rain and snow. Slowly, it filtered into granite-based aquifers and then back to the surface of our valley-based spring through layers of limestone, quartz and Ordovician marble. 

This unique process cannot be replicated in a factory, though many bottled-water companies try. It only occurs in specific places and under specific conditions, which is why we at Mountain Valley work so diligently to protect the purity of our source. Read more about our conservation and sustainability efforts here.

Mountain Valley Spring Water bottles in nature

The best bottled water because it’s wholly natural

While some bottled-water companies add minerals and bases to their waters to try and achieve a balance of flavor and pH, Mountain Valley Spring Water comes by its purely award-winning taste the old fashioned way: Mother Nature. 

Our water’s crisply refreshing flavor comes from the unique layers and striations we mentioned above. Those segments of limestone, marble and quartz give our spring water its natural trace minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as its naturally alkaline pH of 7.3 to 7.7. These things don’t simply make Mountain Valley Spring Water deliciously easy to drink, they make our water exceptionally healthful and wonderfully hydrating, too. 

Woman grabbing Mountain Valley Spring Water from fridge

The best bottled water because the judges say so

It’s no surprise we love our spring water. But we are not alone. Far from it. 

The judges at the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting — the veritable Academy Awards of Water — have presented Mountain Valley Spring Water with 19 honors, making us America’s most award-winning spring water. 

From Best Bottled Spring Water to Best Flavored Essence Sparkling, Mountain Valley’s full range of products are regularly ranked among the best not only in the United States, but also the world.

Chef Michael Reed and wife Kwini holding Mountain Valley Spring Water

The best bottled water because the chefs and bartenders say so

The pros at Berkeley Springs aren’t the only ones who love Mountain Valley Spring Water. The country’s top chefs, bartenders and mixologists do too. From Michelin-starred kitchens in California to the finest craft cocktail bars in New York, Mountain Valley’s crisp and purely sourced flavor can be found alongside some beautiful plates and elegant pints.

One chef loves Mountain Valley Spring Water so much, it’s the only water in which he’ll boil his handmade pasta. And for the best spritzes and fizzes, with or without booze, nothing compares to the award-winning flavor and bountiful bubbles of Mountain Valley Sparkling Spring Water. 

Find recipes from some of our favorite chefs and bartenders for cocktails and mocktails

The best bottled water because the internet says so, too

You don’t have to believe us. Or the pros. Or the chefs. Or the bartenders. 

But the internet? The internet never lies. 

Search “best bottled water” and you’ll find yours truly topping the lists. 

The tasters at The Spruce Eats, Water Filter Guru and Thrillist all ranked Mountain Valley as the No. 1 best bottled water, noting our conservation efforts, our unmarred source, and the fact we still bottle in reusable 2.5 and 5-gallon glass jugs, as well as grab-and-go glass and aluminum bottles. 

And then there’s that pure, unmatched Mountain Valley flavor. As the folks at Thrillist put it in their Mountain Valley tasting notes: “Incredibly high drinkability. Rejuvenating. … Tastes like it’s been filtered through a geological treasure. Rich and luxurious mouthfeel.”

We couldn’t have said it any better. 

Mountain Valley isn’t just besting the web lists, we’re also beloved by one very finicky critic. Milo, better known as @mrmilothechonk to his more than 2 million TikTok followers, just might be the most discerning water connoisseur on the web. 

Milo is also a cat. 

Milo’s go-to water in a blind taste test? You guessed it: Mountain Valley Spring Water. 

Man pulling Mountain Valley Spring water from cooler at event

The best bottled water … because you say so

While we love earning awards and topping lists, nothing means more to us than the fierce loyalty of our fans. 

From Elvis Presley to the Triple Crown-winning thoroughbred Secretariat, Mountain Valley Spring Water has cultivated quite the devoted following in our more than 150 years. 

And there is always room for more. 

If you’re looking for the best bottled water, look no further. Find Mountain Valley Spring Water at your local retailers (here’s some help), or skip the fuss and have the very best bottled water delivered directly to your home or office.
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