Rise and Align: 5 Reasons to Start Your Day with Alkaline Water

Woman holding a glass of water in bed

Rise and Align: Start Your Day with Alkaline Water

Mornings are rough. 

You’re up before the sun to get to the gym or office, to walk the dog, feed the cat, take the kids to school or practice or carpool — sometimes, all of the above. You’re fighting fatigue, trying, hoping, pushing to get your body moving. Coffee feels like the answer, but it turns out alkaline water may be a far healthier and more effective solution. 

Mountain Valley Water next to a bed

Drinking alkaline water, such as Mountain Valley Spring Water which has a naturally alkaline pH of 7.3 to 7.7, to start your day could be just the thing to get you and your body out of sleep mode and through the morning rush. 

The path to morning alignment may very well be alkaline. 

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water, to put it simply, is water that is basic rather than neutral or acidic. This is indicated by a pH greater than 7. 

While pure, distilled water has a purely neutral pH of 7.0, most tap, well and spring waters are either slightly acidic or slightly basic/alkaline, with pH values ranging from 6.5 on the acidic side to 8.5 on the alkaline/basic side. 

Going back to high school chemistry for a second (we know, we’re sorry), acids have a pH that is less than 7 and are characterized by their ability to donate hydrogen ions to other substances. Bases, on the other hand, have a pH that is greater than 7 and are characterized by their ability to accept hydrogen ions from acids. Essentially, bases balance acids and vice versa. 

Water glass poised on a rock

What does this have to do with the water you drink first thing in the morning? 


Starting the day with alkaline water may help balance the many acidic foods we tend to consume as Americans. The vast majority of the U.S. diet is acidic. Cheese, processed and fresh meats, fish and seafood, sugar, starchy foods, sodas and carbonated beverages, citrus, wines, beers — these are all acidic. To help balance this acidity and keep the body at its optimal, slightly alkaline pH of 7.4, drinking alkaline water first thing in the morning can’t hurt. 

Here are five reasons why. 

Man drinking water in bed

5 Reasons To Start Your Day with Alkaline Water

  1. Alkaline water packs a mineral punch

Alkaline water comes by its basic pH with the help of trace minerals. Alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, when added to water, impart that water with their alkaline nature, increasing the water’s pH to make it more basic. Some bottled water companies add these minerals to their water in the factory. But at Mountain Valley Spring Water, our water comes by these alkaline minerals naturally. 

Woman pouring Mountain Valley Spring Water into a glass

Since 1871, we at Mountain Valley have sourced our spring water from the same protected spring deep in the verdant heart of the Ouachita Mountains of the Southern U.S. The water we bottle at Mountain Valley Spring Water fell from the skies some 3,500 years ago as rain and snow. Slowly, it filtered deep through the earth and into granite-based aquifers, then, as those aquifers filled, it moved just as slowly back to the surface of our valley-based spring through layers of limestone, quartz and Ordovician marble. 

These sedimentary layers infuse our water with traces of calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are essential to strong bones, brain health, cardiovascular health and so much more. Things that help us kick start the day. These naturally infused minerals also give Mountain Valley Spring Water its naturally alkaline pH — and the award-winning flavor that has won us legions of loyal fans. 

  1. Alkaline water may help keep things neutral

Thanks to its higher pH level, research has shown that alkaline water may help to neutralize acid in the bloodstream. This can help athletes recover after intense workouts. It may also prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease. 

Mountain Valley as part of a beauty routine

  1. Alkaline water could have anti-aging benefits

A study of mice in 2020 showed daily intake of alkaline water improved markers of aging in the mice’s DNA. If or how this may apply to humans is not yet known. While further research is certainly needed, what better way to start your day than by potentially getting younger?

  1. Alkaline water may help with heartburn and reflux

Unlike coffee, which is a common heartburn trigger due to its acidity, alkaline water has been shown to have the opposite effect: to calm heartburn and reduce reflux (the morning is looking up already!). Studies have found alkaline water to have therapeutic benefits for patients with reflux disease, and that drinking alkaline water could help buffer the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract from the harmful effects of acid. 

Woman drinking water and smiling

  1. Alkaline water simply tastes better

Speaking of award-winning flavor, we at Mountain Valley Spring Water have many factors to thank for that. There’s our protected mountain spring. Our iconic glass bottles. And, perhaps most importantly, those trace minerals that make our water naturally and slightly alkaline. The traces of calcium, magnesium and potassium that are naturally infused into Mountain Valley Spring Water aren’t just good for your health, they’re also delicious. 

Unlike distilled water, which is perfectly neutral and tastes like not much at all, the minerals in Mountain Valley Spring Water give it a rounded, crisp and purely refreshing flavor that tastes a lot like, well, dipping your face into a cool mountain spring. This exceptional tasting water has lured people to Mountain Valley for more than 150 years. It’s also won us some serious hardware, including 19 honors from the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, where Mountain Valley routinely ranks among the best waters in the U.S. and the world. 

The thing about great-tasting water: It’s easier to drink — and easier to keep drinking. Which means better hydration for your morning and the rest of your day. 

Man delivering Mountain Valley Spring Water

Slightly alkaline, wholly natural, delivered to your home or office 

With Mountain Valley’s naturally alkaline and naturally mineral-rich spring water, better, healthier and more balanced mornings (and afternoons and evenings) are just a click away. The best part of Mountain Valley Spring Water is that you can find us all over the place, from Amazon to Whole Foods to your local grocery store. 

Or you can let us do the heavy lifting and get started with spring water delivery to your home or office by clicking here.

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