Why Spring Water is Good for Pets, Too

Dog in kitchen with water bottle

They share our schedules and our couches, sometimes our meals, our Zoom meetings, our binge-worthy TV shows and late-night snacks. Sure, they may leave bundles of fur on the sofa, trails of drool through the kitchen, blurry paw marks on the windows. But we love them all the same. 

Our pets are our family. 

They are there for us, always. And we want to be there for them, too. 

Dog on couch with bottled water

That means giving our pets the best food, the comfiest beds, the funnest toys — and clean, safe, healthful drinking water. But what exactly is the best water for our dogs, cats and furry friends? 

The answer to this question depends on many factors. Here are some simpler pet-hydration questions to get started. 

Dog on porch with Mountain Valley water

Is spring water safe for pets?

Yes. Purely sourced and bottled spring water, such as that from Mountain Valley Spring Water, is safe for dogs, cats and birds. And it’s becoming a popular choice among pet parents. 

Why choose spring water for your pet? For the same reasons people choose it for themselves. Mountain Valley’s crisp, naturally sourced spring water comes infused with trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. 

These minerals aren’t added to our water after the fact. They don’t come from beakers in a factory. They come from Mother Nature, infused into our spring water over the course of centuries and millennia, as our water filtered deep from the earth through layers of limestone, granite and Ordivician marble, before bubbling to the surface of our protected spring in the verdant heart of the Ouachita Mountains of the southern U.S. 

These all-natural minerals give our water the refreshingly crisp flavor that’s made Mountain Valley the most award-winning spring water in the United States. These minerals also give our drinkers — and their pets — the healthful balance they deserve. 

The benefits of drinking spring waters such as Mountain Valley include: 

  • Our water is slightly alkaline with a perfectly balanced pH range of 7.3 to 7.7, meaning it can help even out our often-acidic diets
  • Our trace minerals are great for bone health and cardiovascular health
  • Our purely delicious flavor means you’re likely to drink more water and stay better hydrated

Many of these healthful spring-water benefits also extend to our pets. 

Cat drinking water

What’s the safest water for my pet?

Any still water that is safe for human consumption is also safe for pet consumption. If you safely drink tap water, filtered water, artesian water, spring water — then you can safely give that water to your pets, as well.

To keep pets healthy, the experts at PetMD and Hill’s Pet Nutrition say to avoid these waters:

Puddles: Often laced with toxic runoff, germs and bacteria, don’t let your pet drink puddled water in streets, parks, or even your own home and yard

Pool water: While a little pool water likely won’t harm healthy pets, too much pool water and its salted/chlorinated chemicals can lead to diarrhea and dehydration

Ocean water: Salt water from the ocean has more than 100 times the amount of sodium found in tap water; excess consumption of ocean water can lead to severe dehydration and diarrhea. It can also lead to salt poisoning, or hypernatremia, which negatively impacts an animal’s nervous system

Stagnant bodies of water: Without proper circulation, ponds and lakes can become hotbeds for algae, fungi, bacteria and parasites, which can wreak havoc on your pet

Toilet water: While a sip or two likely won’t hurt your pet, constant drinking from the toilet increases your pet’s exposure to potentially toxic chemicals such as bleach and ammonia

Distilled water: Though a small amount of distilled water won’t do harm, if your pet drinks only distilled water — which is void of minerals and may cause them to lose electrolytes — it can be harmful to an animal’s cells and tissues

Fish tank water: Whether it’s a koi pond in the yard or an aquarium on a shelf, these waters are chemically treated to reduce algae and keep fish healthy; they are not meant for cats and dogs

Community water bowls: You’re strolling downtown with your pup and see a crowd of dogs drinking from a bowl. It’s tempting to stop and let yours have a turn, but experts advise against this, as such bowls can harbor parasites, bacteria, viruses and more. However, if the community bowl is fresh with newly poured water, then there is less risk

Again, if water is safe for human consumption, it’s also safe for your furry family members. 

Dog hiking in woods

How much water does my pet need?

Like humans, dogs and cats can go longer without food than they can without water. Pets should drink water daily, if not multiple times throughout the day. 

For dogs, veterinary experts recommend one ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. For a 95-pound Labrador, that’s 95 ounces of clean, fresh water (and a good amount of drooly mess) daily. 

Cats generally require five to 10 ounces of water per day, although that can vary by size, diet, age and activity level. 

And, like humans, pets in warmer and more humid climates will need more water, as will very active pets. 

Cat drinking from water dispenser

So, what’s “the best” water for my pets?

Is spring water “the best” water for your pets? 

If you want your cat or dog to drink more water throughout the day, the refreshing flavor of spring water may help. If you want your pet to enjoy the things you enjoy, then there’s no harm in sharing your award-winning bottles of Mountain Valley Spring Water with your furry family members. 

The beauty of Mountain Valley Spring Water is that it’s free of toxic chemicals, and it’s naturally filled with crisp flavor as well as healthful trace minerals. 

Does this make us the best? We think so. And so do our fans coast to coast across the U.S. Whether it’s for Fido, Whiskers or simply the human members of your family, there is no spring water more deliciously award winning than Mountain Valley. Taste for yourself; get started with home or office delivery today

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