Spring water that’s good for you and good for the planet — how sustainable packaging keeps Mountain Valley even fresher

Spring water as deliciously refreshing as Mountain Valley’s must be protected, a task we’ve taken seriously since our start in 1871. 

That means protecting not only our source, deep in the verdant heart of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, but also this beautiful planet we’re so fortunate to share. Our commitment to sustainability is something we at Mountain Valley Spring Water hold close to our hearts — and tight in the palms of our hands. 

We bottle our purely sourced, purely refreshing spring water in glass as well as aluminum, packagings that are recyclable, reusable and able to follow you wherever you need your favorite water to be. Whether it’s home or office delivery of our signature 2.5 and 5-gallon glass jugs, or grabbing one of our lightweight 100% recyclable 750 mL aluminum bottles for your next outdoor adventure, Mountain Valley Spring Water will be there for you, and there for the earth, as well. 

 The beauty of glass: Purely sustainable, wonderfully reusable

For more than 150 years, Mountain Valley has relied on glass for our bottles. Why? The purity of glass and the purity of our naturally sourced, naturally balanced spring water go hand in hand. 

Glass is endlessly recyclable. Glass is reusable. Glass is sustainable. And our emerald-green glass bottles are, if we may say, eye-catchingly beautiful, too. We love seeing full glass bottles of Mountain Valley Spring Water atop restaurant tables and picnic blankets. We also love seeing our empty glass bottles upcycled into something new, something artful, something wholly unique. 

In the age of Pinterest and TikTok tutorials, upcycling our Mountain Valley bottles is easier than ever. All you need is an inexpensive glass-bottle-cutting kit and a few transformative minutes of your time. Need some ideas to make your upcycled glass bottle even fresher? 

That’s what we’re here for: 

  • Cut various sizes of bottles to different heights and create a cluster-style garden of your favorite succulents
  • Use the extra space in one of our 1-liter glass bottles to give a bushy asparagus fern or hearty English ivy plant room to root 
  • Fill with water and use to root new plant clippings 
  • Fill with water and sprout an avocado from the seed (mmm guacamole)
  • Grow your own good luck with bamboo
  • Create a miniature herb garden for the kitchen window
  • Cut several shorter bottles for moss rounds to hang facing out

These are, of course, just some starting points. We’ve seen fans cut the tops off of four of our 500 mL Mountain Valley Spring Water bottles to make a set of juice glasses. We’ve even seen our bottles used as containers for candles. The sky's the limit. Let your creativity — and our sustainable glass — be your guide. 

Aluminum water bottles that go where you go (and recycle where you recycle)

After a century-long love affair with glass, we’ve fallen in love all over again. Mountain Valley’s latest innovation: our line of 100% recyclable aluminum spring water bottles. Aluminum shares so much of glass’s sustainability, while also offering the kind of lightweight portability our active fans need. 

This is water built to go anywhere and everywhere. 

The perfect companion for the hiking trail, bike path, kayaking trip, or just a lazy day at the beach, Mountain Valley’s aluminum water bottles are resealable and filled with 750 mL of our naturally sourced, Ouachita Mountain spring water you know and love. 

Our aluminum bottles are designed to go where you go. We understand the importance of proper hydration, and we know how much more critical that becomes when you’re out and about, living active, healthful lives. Mountain Valley’s aluminum spring water bottles won’t shatter. They won’t chip. You can close them and reopen them and even refill them if needed. And, whenever your adventure concludes, you can toss them into a recycling bin to start them on their next adventure. 

They’re that easy. And oh-so loveable, too. 

Become a sustainer

Spring water that’s good for you and good for the planet? At Mountain Valley, that’s what we’ve done for more than 150 years. Taste for yourself. Look for Mountain Valley Spring Water at your favorite markets, restaurants and grocery stores. And get started with home or office delivery by clicking here.

*Please recycle. Recycling facilities may not be available in your community. 

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