Putting down Roots in Ojai with Outstanding in the Field


 Mountain Valley Spring Water recently had the honor of joining our longtime partners Outstanding in the Field at the picturesque Ojai Roots Farm for an event that brought together farmers, chefs and diners for a celebration that highlighted regenerative agriculture and coastal California cuisine. Learn more about this special event in the video below. 

Nestled in the scenic Ojai Valley, Ojai Roots' sprawling 100-acre property was the backdrop for this true farm-to-table experience curated by the farm's founders Evan Graham Arango and Reiana Onglengco, alongside talented chefs Blake and Derek Ulrich from Ventura's Model Citizen.

This collaboration showcased the best of coastal California cuisine, with each dish celebrating the region's freshest seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and producers.

The purity of Mountain Valley Spring Water served as a refreshing accompaniment, embodying the event's commitment to sustainability and quality.

Through this immersive experience, Ojai Roots and Outstanding in the Field demonstrated the transformative power of regenerative agriculture, leaving guests with the importance of supporting local food systems and savoring the bounty of the land. If you'd like to learn more about Ojai Roots, visit their website here

*All Photography courtesy of Outstanding in the Field and photographer Elli Lauren

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