Standing Out in the Streets of Santa Cruz with Outstanding in the Field

This summer our longtime partners Outstanding in the Field loaded up their iconic tour bus and returned to their roots in Santa Cruz and Mountain Valley was there to share in the celebration and connection.  

Outstanding in the Field Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz was where the idea of Outstanding in the Field was born. It is where founder Jim Denevan spent more than a decade here as the chef of Gabriella Cafe and where they returned to host a unique event, not in the field, but in the streets of their hometown.

Woman holding a salad at Outstanding in the Field

The restaurant’s owner and host, Paul Cocking, is still here charming customers with his dry wit. One of Jim’s first hires, Gema Cruz is now the chef. Gema, fellow Gabriella Cafe alum Kendra Baker and Jim were reunited at this creative meal featuring the farmers and winemakers that have contributed to Outstanding in the Field over the years. 

Woman pouring cocktail with Mountain Valley Sparkling Water

Mountain Valley was proud to be a part of this special series of Community Table Dinners, highlighting not just farmers and the ingredients they provide, but also the local makers and artisans whose work becomes the evening’s tablescape.  A portion of the proceeds from this series go to Food, What?! supporting their work engaging local youth with land, food and each other.

Follow @mountainvalleywater on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about our partnerships and stay tuned for a special giveaway from Outstanding in the Field coming this fall! 

Photo credit: Elli Lauren


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