Mountain Valley Heads to Hollywood for the Concern Foundation Block Party

Man pouring Mountain Valley at Concern Foundation Block Party

Mountain Valley Spring Water headed to Hollywood earlier this month for The Concern Foundation's 48th Annual Block Party Fundraiser co-hosted by Los Angeles Magazine. Themed "Land Before Time – The Extinction of Cancer," the event was a celebration like no other at the iconic Paramount Pictures Studios.

Land Before Time theme installation

The Concern Foundation, a prominent non-profit organization dedicated to funding cancer research, hosts its Block Party every summer to raise awareness and vital funds for cutting-edge research initiatives.

Concern Foundation Block Party image from above
Food at the Concern Foundation Block Party
Man drinking Mountain Valley at the event

As the official water sponsor, Mountain Valley Spring Water took center stage at the Block Party, providing attendees with pure, refreshing hydration throughout the evening as attendees indulged in an array of food and desserts from over 70 of the finest restaurants and caterers throughout the city. 

LA Magazine Street at Concern Foundation Block Party

Los Angeles Magazine's street featured an array of delights at the Best of LA® 2023, including food and wine tastings, creative cocktails, luxury lounges, and unique experiences.

We were lucky enough to have our friend @losangelesfoodie at the event to capture the energy and excitement of this premier Hollywood event:



From delightful culinary experiences to exciting entertainment and unique activities, this year's Block Party showcased the best of Los Angeles while advocating for a cancer-free future, and we were proud to be there. 

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