Holiday gifts with Mountain Valley sparkle

As the holidays draw nearer, the temptation to stuff gift boxes with bottle after emerald-green bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water only grows. 

We know.

Our beautiful bottles of spring and sparkling waters make for beautiful gifts. Want to go all out? How about a full year of Mountain Valley Spring Water delivered directly to your loved ones’ doors? Now there’s a refreshing present. 

We understand, however, that situations may arise where the crisp, purely sourced, all-American flavor of Mountain Valley Spring, Sparkling and Sparkling Essence waters may need some accompaniment. 

The holidays do not live on Mountain Valley alone. Thankfully, we have friends. Friends who make gifts that will only add to your Mountain Valley holiday bounty.


Give the gift of Mountain Valley + Camp Craft Cocktails

The good folks at Camp Craft Cocktails make some of the most original and devilishly simple cocktail kits out there. Camp’s kits come in pretty glass jars loaded with whole ingredients: dried fruits, roots, herbs and spices. Pour in your liquor of choice (or hot water for a booze-free beverage), let it steep for three days — et voila! You have a supremely crafty cocktail perfect for your next gathering. 

Gathering, after all, is what Camp is about. The company’s mission: “to build longer tables where everyone is welcome, and everyone belongs.” 

Many of Camp’s kits are vegan and gluten free. You can choose your kit based on your favorite spirit — bourbon, gin, tequila, rum — or you can skip the alcohol for a booze-less mocktail that’s just as crafty and delicious. 

Camp’s cocktail kits range from classic Old Fashioneds and Bloody Marys, to cranberry-infused martinis, lavender-scented lemonades, and a “Brunch Punch” packed with dried cherries, pineapple, oranges and citrus-spiked cane sugar. Almost all of these delicious combos pair wonderfully with a bubbly glug of Mountain Valley Sparkling Spring Water. 

A Camp Flo’rita infused with hibiscus, citrus and pineapple + tequila + a splash of Mountain Valley Sparkling Key Lime Twist = Yum. 

Camp’s Berry Blend packed with blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, citrus and jalapeno + gin + Mountain Valley Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate Water = Mmm hmm!

Camp’s Mint Simple + rum + Mountain Valley Sparkling Sparkling White Peach = Thank you, may I have another.

Give the gift of Mountain Valley + Hester & Cook

With Hester & Cook, any get-together can become a jubilee worthy of Instagram. 

What started as an idea to turn vintage door knobs into bottle stoppers has evolved into a lifestyle and an ethos. Hester & Cook believes “there's always a moment to celebrate,” and “everyone can create beauty.”

This Tennessee-based company offers an array of decor for tabletop and home. Its chic accessories transform football watch parties into festivals, and simple dinner gatherings into evenings your guests will never forget. 

For even more sparkle, gift your friends and family (or yourself) Hester & Cook’s classic barware and glasses + a case of jewel-toned bottles of Mountain Valley Spring Water or our Sparkling Essence Spring Water. A chic table setting deserves equally chic refreshments. 

Give the gift of Mountain Valley + Well Told Design

“Your story. Well Told.”

That’s Well Told’s motto. Designers of personalized drinkware, kitchenware, home goods and accessories, Well Told applies this idea to all it creates. From pint glasses printed with topography maps of destinations across the globe, to candles wrapped in a snapshot of the night sky from anywhere on Earth, Well Told has a unique ability to make things personal.

Gift dad a rocks glass printed with a street map of his birthplace. Send your best friend a charcuterie board with a view of the stars from your trip to Seville.

Or, for the Mountain Valley devotee in your life, send them an insulated water bottle wrapped in the topography of our Hot Springs hometown + a case of Mountain Valley Spring Water, which has been bottled from our same protected source in the heart of Hot Springs for more than 150 years. 

Give the gift of Mountain Valley

When is water more than water? 

When it spends thousands of years traveling deep into the earth; when it’s naturally filtered and naturally mineralized through layers of quartz and granite; when it’s won 19 prestigious awards from international judges for its crisp, balanced and purely refreshing flavor. 

Giving the gift of Mountain Valley is giving more than water. It’s giving 150-plus years of history from the first bottled water brand delivered coast to coast across the United States. It’s giving a tradition of excellence, and a beverage beloved by some of the country’s best chefs and bartenders. 

When is water more than water? When it’s Mountain Valley Spring Water. 

Best of all: You can have the gift of Mountain Valley delivered to home or office (or both!) on a recurring basis. A gift that keeps on giving. Get started here


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