The Wonder of Infused Water

For as long as humans have consumed water, we’ve thought up ways to improve its taste.

It’s been carbonated, purified and mineralized. We’ve even made it alcoholic. However, infusing water with the bounties of Mother Nature has always been an easy way to add variety to this daily necessity. Just look at tea. It’s the world’s oldest and most popular drink (behind water, of course), and at its heart, tea is little more than water infused with natural ingredients. 

But when it comes to infusions, tea is just the beginning. 

Infusing water with the essences of fruits and vegetables is a practice that dates back centuries. Such infusions impart essential vitamins and nutrients to water, and have been shown to increase the health benefits of this daily necessity. While not the same as eating the actual fruit or vegetable, water infused with produce has been shown to curb appetite, help digestion, boost weight loss and promote cardiovascular health. Drinking infused water also helps to detoxify the body, leaving you feeling clean and energized. Plus, these exciting and refreshing flavors keep your daily hydration routine from becoming boring.

For years now, bottled-water brands have tried to capitalize on the popularity of infused waters. Walk down the water aisle of your local grocery store, and you’ll find shelf after shelf stacked with almost every flavor combination imaginable, each bottle touting its health benefits and vying for your dollar. The sheer amount of options available can be overwhelming. How do you make a choice?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with our products. The crisp and refreshing waters of the Ouachita Mountains contained in Mountain Valley’s iconic green-glass bottles are already the perfect way to slake your thirst. Our spring water is naturally pH balanced and bottled directly from our protected source with no added minerals, so every drop is exactly as nature intended. 

And we don’t stop there. Mountain Valley also has a full line of infused sparkling essence spring waters in delicious flavors such as Blackberry Pomegranate, Key Lime Twist and White Peach. Our infused waters contain no artificial anything and zero added sweeteners, just purely simple refreshment. You can find Mountain Valley’s infused sparkling essence spring waters in the water aisle of your grocery store, or you can order online for home or office delivery. These are the perfect complement to any meal, a great add-in for cocktails and mocktails, and they’re great to enjoy on their own. 

Mountain Valley’s sparkling essence spring waters also make for enticing additions to your cooking. Culinary visionaries are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to use our waters to enhance the flavors of their foods, and some have been kind enough to share their recipes with us. 

Mountain Valley’s White Peach Sparkling is an essential ingredient in Michael Reed’s incredible Peach Glazed Baby Back Ribs, while our Blackberry Pomegranate plays a central role in Buttermilk by Sam’s delicious Blackberry Pomegranate Rolls

You can even try this at home with your own beloved recipes. Just substitute our flavored sparkling spring waters into any recipe calling for sparkling water and let your creativity fly. Do you already use our water in your recipes? We’d love to hear from you.

Chefs aren’t the only ones putting Mountain Valley to deliciously creative uses, mixologists have been thinking up innovative ways to blend our infused waters into their cocktail creations, as well. At RT Lodge’s 10 year anniversary celebration for Blackberry Farm Brewery in Tennessee, mixologist Randi Savage used Mountain Valley’s White Peach and Key Lime Twist sparkling waters to create enticing and refreshing cocktails that were the talk of the event, and she was kind enough to share her recipes with us (you can find them here). 

Non-alcoholic concoctions have also been devised using Mountain Valley, including the All Together Mocktail recently showcased by Mountain Valley Culinary Ambassador June Rodil at the James Beard Foundation’s annual Taste America Event. We’ve also come up with a few booze-free beverage recipes of our own. Mountain Valley’s Blackberry Pomegranate and Key Lime Twist sparklers are the perfect base for these mocktails, which are sure to be a hit at any dinner party or social gathering. 

Speaking of gatherings, infusion parties are a fun way to get your friends together and inspire creativity. Tempt them with a cornucopia of produce and your favorite Mountain Valley Spring Water and challenge them to create their most imaginative concoctions. This is sure to awaken healthy competition, and you’ll soon find out who among your cohort is the most gifted mixologist.

Want to try your hand at making your own infused creations? We’re here to help. All you need is some produce, your favorite Mountain Valley spring or sparkling water, a container and a little time. A good rule of thumb: The stronger the flavor of the produce, the less time it will take to infuse your water. Citrus fruits such as lemons and limes will impart their flavors faster than milder fruits like berries and apples.

Be sure to keep an eye on these infusions. If your source fruit/vegetable is immersed for too long, it may become waterlogged and mushy, making it difficult to extract from your drink. It may also overwhelm the taste of the water or impart off-flavors if it starts to decompose. 

If immersed for too short a period of time, the water may not take on enough of the fruit’s essence, and your results may be disappointing. But don’t get discouraged. With a little practice, you’ll soon be on your way to creating infusions that your family and friends will love. 

We’ve bottled our award-winning spring water from the same protected source deep in the heart of Arkansas’s Ouachita Mountains for more than 150 years. Our distinctive, green-glass bottles make the perfect centerpiece to any table, while our deliciously refreshing water makes the perfect base for any infusion you can dream up. Infuse your life with better hydration the Mountain Valley way; get started with home or office delivery by clicking here.

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