Luck Reunion Recap

On the Road Again: A 2018 Luck Reunion Recap
After spending a single day just outside of Spicewood, TX on Willie Nelson’s Luck Ranch, we’re completely blissed out on all the beautiful memories we made in such a short time. This was the 7th annual Luck Reunion, a newer, grassroots music festival that packed over 40 artists into one day of rock. The likes of Son Little, Lukas Nelson, Margot Price, and the Texas Gents graced the stage for more than 3,000 fans in attendance. Oh, and watching Willie Nelson, himself close out the festival wasn’t so bad either. 
Inspired by the roots of American music, the participating artists and festival participants drive home the authenticity of our Nation’s values which is what Mountain Valley stands for. 

As the official water sponsor, we’re proud to say that we did our part in connecting the crowd with their favorite artists; each and every person there, fans and musicians alike, had Mountain Valley Spring Water in abundance, keeping them ready to dance, shout, and shake it through each and every performance. While we were hydrating folks across a four stage spread, free water wasn’t the only surprise we had in store for guests. 
The Mountain Valley booth, affectionately called, “The Source” served as Luck’s interactive headquarters, where guests were able to view all stage lineups and get an 360 degree view of the happenings on the ranch (including the bathroom line). We also had a spot dedicated to the #LuckReunion online conversation viewable via our one-of-a-kind social media wall. 

Not to mention, we brought fun, games, and those who needed a little extra charge could compete for their own Mountain Valley portable phone charger. For those who were feeling a little drained themselves, we had plenty of space to rehydrate and nod off for a bit. 
All in all, this was one for the books, and we can’t wait to go back. When we do, it’ll be for the music, the food, 3,000+ truly amazing human beings, and at least two really cool horses we affectionately named Pancho and Lefty.

If you attended Luck, we want to see those smiling faces! Tag @mountainvalleywater in your pics on Instagram. 

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