Keep Marching + Meet Your Spring Goals

As we embark upon the many promises spring holds, we can sometimes get carried away with the ambitious promises we make to ourselves, especially if you’ve gotten burnt out on your New Years resolutions. We know how that goes, but here’s your chance to stay on track. 

It feels good to get excited about the changing of the weather and all the other changes you have planned: repainting the house, hiking a trail-a-day in April, shedding some of that extra winter weight, cleaning out the 10,000 junk emails you’ll never read. Frankly, we’re impressed with your to-do list, but if you ever feel like you’re juggling too much, we’re here to remind you of the power of a nice, deep breath and of course, active hydration. Have a peek at some of Mountain Valley Spring Water’s favorite de-stressing mindfulness exercises: 

You’re the boss of your own weight loss - 
A lot of us are looking to slim down now that the sun is shining and the cold winter months are in the rearview. This is probably number one on a lot of lists, but for many, it means completely changing your entire lifestyle and schedule to incorporate exercise and healthy eating. Pretty soon, you’re obsessing over a pound or an ounce. 

STOP right there. Put the scale away. If you’re on point and getting your fitness in, there is no reason to jump on that scale every day. Sure, take a peek every couple of days or once a week, but YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A NUMBER. 

You’re slaying spring cleaning + other DIY projects -
You’re about to paint something the most beautiful shade of teal you’ve ever seen, and we cannot be more excited for you. You also bought a new appliance to install - you can YouTube how-to anything, right? - and you’re planning to re-organize your pantry, build shelves for the laundry room, and learn calligraphy…all in the same month. 

STOP right there. We believe in you, but that seems like a lot if you also plan to work and want to maintain a social calendar. Make a short list prioritizing each one and write down how much time you think that project will take. Now put it on your calendar. We’ll wait. No really, take whatever digital calendar/reminder system you use and block off the time. That way, you stay on top of the goal in a way that doesn’t swallow you whole, and with bigger projects, you can block off segments. 

Your body is a spring machine - 
Would this be a Mountain Valley blog if we didn’t take a minute to tell you how important water is to all of your goals and projects? No, no it wouldn’t. 

The fact is, you’re asking a lot of that body. It’s capable of doing so much, but you’d be surprised how much more it can give you if you’re practicing active hydration. We recommend making it a game by drinking 8-12 ounces of water per hour on each project. If your project is 3 hours, try to drink at least 36 ounces of water. Easy, right? 

We’d love to hear from you in the comments! Let us know about your spring goals and how you plan to be an active hydrator. If you like this blog, check out some of Detox Monday recipes for your new favorite detox water.


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