Sourcing the Source

Generations of hard-working hands have been bottling Mountain Valley Spring Water in our signature green glass for over 147 years, directly at The Source. That’s definitely a fitting origin story for a tried and true American staple, but there’s more to it than standing the test of time; it’s what we’ve done to master our process in that time that sets us apart from the others.

We work extremely hard to do the least amount of fussing with our water as possible, so we start at the granite-based aquifers in the Ouachita Mountains. There, we have our containment system in place, and the water is collected as it comes out of the ground. We believe in working with nature, not against it, and this way of collecting allows our mineral rich water to keep its pure, earth given taste.

In fact, after all this time, you can be assured that we haven’t enhanced anything to maintain our natural 7.8 pH.

Want to learn more? Check out our story on the benefits of glass bottling.
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