Wild. Stunning. Sacred. Those are definitely some of the first few words that come to mind when we think about the uncomplicated land that houses our Mountain Valley Spring Water source. After its discovery in 1871, we have dedicated our humble, humanly efforts to protecting all that lives and preserving all that grows in the Ouachita Mountains’ peaks and valleys. No matter how big or small, we’ve made a pact with the nature that yields its nourishment to us so graciously. 

For over 145 years, that kind of partnership with our surrounding has allowed us to extract the wonders of natural science, straight from the ground, and to be honest, we’d be afraid to change a thing. You see, our water flows through granite-based aquifers underneath that beautiful range, and they’re responsible for the water’s nuanced set of minerals. The alkalinity in the soil directly affects its pH level. Because these things practically give our water its fingerprint, we’ll keep it tidy out here, but we don’t intend to re-arrange a thing. 

Sustainability is important to us. How ‘bout you? If you agree and want to learn more about our process, have a look at these other blogs.