What Inspires Mountain Valley to Make the Best Tasting Water

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. There are occasions you’ll find yourself so humbled and driven to action by a thing that you can barely contain yourself from becoming a human rocket ship. And as they say, sometimes it’s the little things. We wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain to get to know about those big and little moments behind Mountain Valley Spring Water that has inspired us to continue delivering America’s best tasting water.

The Source

It’s no secret that we bottle our water directly from the Source, better known as the Ouachita (WASH-ah-taw) Mountains, U.S.A. In a remote valley and on 2,000 acres of protected forest sits a spring as old as our great land. The majestic water that flows from it has been slowly filtering into granite-based aquifers for 3,500 years. The refreshing taste and purifying power of that water comes from the rich, unique blend of minerals it’s flowed through. Every single drop is worth the wait. Not a lot of people have heard of the Ouachitas, even fewer can pronounce it. But we don’t mind. Makes it easier to keep this little patch of America, raw, wild, and untouched. And our sacred source, protected.

The History

We’ve protected this wild and stunning land and our sacred source that flows beneath it since we discovered it in 1871. Our beginning of time started with Pharmacist Peter Greene and his brother John, when they purchased Lockett Springs and began selling a mineral water they called Mountain Valley Spring Water. As the water’s popularity and association with the health spa boom in Hot Springs, Arkansas grew, Mountain Valley Spring Water began its expansion into the east coast. By 1920, Mountain Valley Spring Water had made its way into the White House and the U.S. Senate where we served our country by refreshing Commanders in Chiefs from Coolidge to Eisenhower to Clinton. It’s still served in the Senate today.

The People

Our home in Hot Springs, Arkansas was just the beginning of our very own family. As Mountain Valley Spring Water’s popularity expanded from coast to coast, our fans, community, and advocates expanded drawing in America’s greatest icons such as Frank Sinatra, Joe Louis, and Elvis Presley along for the ride. From families who swore by Mountain Valley Spring Water to those who only had a few experiences, once they joined the Mountain Valley family there was no turning back. It’s these very people that we continue to consider every time we make a decision. As we grow, we continue to invest in new products to join our product line and we definitely can’t wait for our fans and family to give them a try because we made it especially with them in mind.

The Purpose

Each year we invest in partners who support our mission to preserve our sacred source. From the acres of forestry to breathtaking views, we’ve been committed to protecting our land. This year we joined forces with The Friends of the Ouachita Trail. In our parallel pursuit, we invited Ouachita Challengers to travel our trail on a sixty plus mile loop bike tour and race. The Ouachita Challenge is an event right here at home, close to our hearts, and we get to work side-by-side with the FoOT members who are great advocates of the land. Just one of many like-minded partners, our team aims to work with organizations that parallel our American values.

The Partnerships

As our expansion continued from 1871 to today, we’ve been committed to serving Mountain Valley Spring Water from coast to coast. This year, we’re bringing new heights and traveling the nation, as we introduce America’s best tasting water to newer fans. Our community is growing and we’re so excited to reach the locals at unique events around the nation. We’ve already kicked off a busy year traveling to South Beach, Florida for SOBEWFF, Franklin, Tennessee for Gumption, Austin, Texas for Luck Reunion, Florence, Alabama for The Gathering, Dallas, Texas for goop DALLAS, and many more. But our travels are just getting started, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see where we’re going next.
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