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Where Adventure Lives: Learn More About Your World

By: Mountain Valley Spring

We’ve all got our favorite neighborhood nooks, but your backyard is bigger than you think. As a premium, American bottled water, we have a lot of appreciation for the well-watered roots that make this nation such a beautiful place to live and thrive.

This is certainly not a complete best-of-the-best list, but it is a healthy start. Have a look at some cool places we think everyone should visit:

The Ouachita Mountains, AR - We couldn’t make an adventure list without kicking it off with our favorite mountain range. The air is crisp and is rich with the smells of hickory, pine, and oak. It’s hot springs are healing, and the we’re proud to know that the granite-based aquifers underneath it all are naturally filtering our water. 

Though this is a mostly protected area to preserve the wonderful things nature is doing here, there are numerous state parks, many opportunities to hike, picnic, and mountain bike. 

Folly Beach, SC - Known to Charleston natives as “the Edge of America”, this laid back piece of sand land is just around the corner from the Historic Downtown Charleston. This is definitely the preferred beach of the locals, maybe because you’ll only find a small strip of tourist-trap-t-shirt stores on the island. Once you make it there, grab a burger at the Surf Bar and take a walk down the pier. If you’re going to spend the day playing in the actual surf, make sure you go all the way down to The Washout - just follow all the surfboarders. 

Mt. Lemmon, AZ - This lovely place is part of the Coronado National Forest, and it’s full of views for anyone day tripping, camping, or just taking a winding cruise up to the Cookie Cabin (where you can get a cookie as big as a full size dinner plate) in the quaint little town of Summerhaven, all the way at the top of the mountain. Locals love it because the very top is about 20 degrees colder than the surrounding areas, making it a great place to cool off in the hot spring and summer months of the desert. Plus, you can find lakes, creeks, and other fun swimming holes all over. 

Snoqualmie Falls, WA - This beautiful space originated from the melting of glaciers, its mountains and prairies became bountiful quickly. Presently, there are hiking trails for days and plenty of places to picnic if you want a more relaxing visit. 
If you go and just make it to the falls or take a walk around the two-acre park, you won’t be disappointed. But if you take the trail to the lower observation deck to view the falls, you can officially cross this one off your bucket list.

The Lehman Caves, NV - Nevada has more than Las Vegas, and we recommend everyone takes in this magical stop in the Great Basin National Park. These caves are near and dear to us because they were slowly carved by water.  You must have a guide to enter the caves, so it’s ideal for family visits or groups of friends looking to lean into the darker places of nature. Definitely take a tour, they’re only about a half a mile long walk.

If you have suggestions for must-see spots for our next Where Adventure Lives blog, let us know in the comments. We love to wander!