Sparkling Water & Tequila Cocktails

Try all five delicious tequila cocktail recipes made with the crisp clean taste of Mountain Valley Sparkling Water and Exotico for National Tequila Day.

Like champagne, cognac, and some fine wines, tequila can only be produced in five regions in Mexico—Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, Tamaulipas, and Jalisco, though far and away the largest producer is Jalisco.

Exotico is premium unaged tequila made with 100% blue agave. It all begins with the Weber Blue Agave grown in the Highlands of Jalisco. Here, the red clay soil produces a larger, sweeter agave heart that gives Exotico® its floral, well-rounded taste.

It’s the perfect complement to the crisp clean taste of Mountain Valley Spring Water. Flowing fresh from the heart of the Ouachita Mountain, our natural untamed source inspires our devotion to America's pristine wilderness.

Enjoy a fiesta of five delicious tequila cocktail recipes made with the crisp clean taste of Mountain Valley Sparkling Water and Sparkling Essences.

Cherry Lime Tequila Spritz Recipe by Drinking With Chickens

A refreshing, summery cherry-lime tequila cocktail combo made with Exotico Blanco Tequila and Mountain Valley Sparkling Lime Twist. It’s a bubbly little fiesta in a glass.

Drinking with Chickens - Cherry Lime Tequila Cocktail

The Purple Halo Recipe by Stir & Strain

For flavors both familiar and a little outside the box, and a touch of theatrics in the garnish, this cocktail made with Exotico Blanco Tequila and Mountain Valley Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate is both tasty and a stunner to look at.

Stir & Strain - Mountain Valley Cocktail

Skinny Peach Frozen Margarita Recipe by The Cookie Rookie

This Skinny Peach Frozen Margarita Recipe is Summer in a glass! It's the bright flavor of a delicious Peach Margarita with Exotico Reposado Tequila, but lightened up in Skinny Margarita form with Mountain Valley Sparkling White Peach.

The Cookie Rookie - Peach Margarita

Cherry Limeaid Margarita Recipe by Muy Bueno Cookbook

Most recipes are made with maraschino cherry juice and limeade, but this one is all fresh — made with fresh cherries and limes. It’s spiked with Exotico Blanco Tequila and topped off with a splash of Mountain Valley Sparkling Water that’s perfect for a crowd and so refreshing.

Cherry Limeade - Muy Bueno Cocktail

Sparkling Peach Margarita Recipe by My Baking Addiction

These Sparkling Peach Margaritas start with a fresh peach puree, a little sugar, a squeeze of fresh lime juice. It’s finished off with an award-winning combo of Mountain Valley White Peach Sparkling Water and Exotico Blanco Tequila.

My Baking Addiction - Skinny Peach Margarita

Please enjoy responsibly. Exotico Tequila, 40% ALC/VOL 80 Proof.

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