Zero Calorie Hydration with Mountain Valley


When it comes to healthy hydration, it doesn’t get better than water. 

Good old H2O is what our bodies are made of, it’s what our cells and systems need, but it’s not always what our palates crave. And it isn’t always enough to maintain hydration and electrolyte balance during strenuous activity. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to stay healthy and hydrated during workouts and everyday life without resorting to sugary, high-calorie or artificially sweetened soft drinks and sports drinks. 

When it comes to delicious, zero-calorie hydration, we at Mountain Valley Spring Water know an award-winning thing or two. And we are happy to share. 

Zero Calorie Hydration: Make it Taste Good, Naturally

We may eat with our eyes first, but if that beautiful dish or drink doesn’t taste good, we won’t be eating it for long. Mountain Valley Spring Water is the most award-winning bottled water brand in the U.S. Why? Because our water is delicious. 

Purely sourced from our protected spring deep in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains, USA, Mountain Valley Spring Water is water as nature intended. Our water is naturally mineralized, naturally slightly alkalized and naturally free of additives. We bottle directly at our spring, just as Mountain Valley has for more than 150 years. 

We offer spring-to-table/spring-to-gym-bag/spring-to-hiking-pack water with a crisp, refreshing flavor that’s unmatched. Just ask the judges at the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting — the veritable Academy Awards of water — where Mountain Valley has garnered 19 accolades, including five Best in the USA honors and four nods for Best in the World

Zero Calorie Hydration: Make it Taste Good, With a Little Help

As much as we love our water, and trust us we LOVE this water, we understand the need to switch things up now and then. But that doesn’t have to mean adding heaps of sugar and sweeteners to the mix. The beauty of Mountain Valley Spring Water is that it can serve as a delicious foundation for an array of no-calorie and low-calorie hydration options. 

Add a twist: A little citrus goes a long way. Add a spritz of lemon or lime to your Mountain Valley Spring Water or Mountain Valley Sparkling Water to give it a kick of zero-calorie tang. For a low-calorie alternative, add a squeeze of orange, tangerine, kumquat or grapefruit. These fruits add a lot of flavor naturally with very little sugar.

Infuse away: Infusing Mountain Valley Spring or Sparkling Water with fresh fruits and vegetables couldn’t be simpler. Toss in a few slices of cucumber or strawberry, a couple torn leaves of mint, a slice of muddled peach, some smashed blueberries. And drink up. These add-ins aren’t exactly zero calories, but they’re close. They’re also all natural and wonderfully refreshing. 

Make it sparkle: For a bit of bubbly with no added calories, try our Mountain Valley Sparkling Water, which comes from the same spring water bottled at our protected Ouachita Mountain source. We just add in a few (million) bubbles to give it some carbonated fizz. Sparkling water has been shown, again and again, to be just as hydrating as still water. It has also been shown to help digestion and promote feelings of fullness and satiety. 

Make it sparkle AND pop: Mountain Valley’s lineup of Infused Essence Sparkling Waters offer all the fizzy, flavorful pop of, well, pop, without all the added sugars and artificial sweeteners. With flavors that include White Peach, Key Lime Twist and Blackberry Pomegranate, our all-natural sparkling waters have zero calories and zero sweeteners. And they are refreshingly delicious. Our flavored sparkling waters were named among the Best in the World three times by the esteemed judges at Berkeley Springs, including a No. 1 finish in 2019 for our Blackberry Pomegranate. 

Zero Calorie Hydration: Make Your Own Electrolyte Drink

During long and intensely sweaty workouts, our bodies lose more than water. They also lose electrolytes such as sodium, calcium and potassium, essential minerals vital to key bodily functions. 

To replenish these electrolytes, our bodies need more than H2O. A rainbow assortment of commercial sports drinks promising a recharge of electrolytes fill the supermarket and convenience store shelves, but these beverages are also often filled with sugars, dyes and artificial sweeteners. 

For serious workouts, and athletes who don’t want all that sugary artifice, there’s an easy way to make electrolyte drinks at home. And Mountain Valley Spring Water is the perfect place to start. 

Our all-natural spring water spends thousands of years filtering through layers of quartz and granite before bubbling to the surface of our protected spring. Those layers naturally infuse Mountain Valley Spring Water with trace minerals such as potassium and calcium, minerals that give our water its signature, award-winning flavor. 

Recipe: Homemade Electrolyte Sports Drink

With potassium-rich lemon juice, a pinch of salt for its essential sodium, and a boost of all-natural Mountain Valley Spring Water, this recipe adapted from replenishes vital electrolytes during and after workouts, without a bunch of sugar or fake sweeteners. 


  • 8 ounces Mountain Valley Spring Water
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • Tiny pinch of salt (roughly 1/20 of a teaspoon or 0.2 grams)
  • Dash of honey or agave syrup (optional)


  • Stir water, lemon juice and salt until salt has dissolved. Taste.
  • Add a dash of honey or agave syrup if desired and stir until combined. 

Zero Calorie Hydration: Keep it Simple

When it comes to healthy hydration, as we’ve said, it doesn’t get better than water. And when it comes to water, it doesn’t get better than Mountain Valley. For more than 150 years, our pure, crisp and naturally delicious spring water has been refreshing athletes (Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Lewis), presidents (from Coolidge to Clinton) and A-list celebrities (including The King himself, Mr. Elvis Presley) alike. 

There’s something about this water. We know it, our loyal fans know it, and we want you to know it, too. Discover the magic of Mountain Valley for yourself. Get started with home or office delivery here

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