MadeSouth Slider Showdown Recap

We had a phenomenal time as attendees and sponsor of MADE SOUTH’s inaugural Slider Showdown. Southern made and southern proud, MADE SOUTH invited 10 phenomenal chefs from around the region to make sliders using specially sourced ingredients, and we were there to see and taste it all!

If you had left it to us all 10 chefs would have won the grand prize, their sliders were just that good. Thankfully, MADE SOUTH invited real judges to make the call. Cutthroat Kitchen’s Alton Brown, who was a huge hit at the showdown, Executive Chef and TV personality Maneet Chauhan, Robby Melvin and Tricia Sereno did the honors.

The competitor’s sliders were so delicious that judges could not decide on one winner either, so they chose two! Congratulations to Birmingham based Saw's Soul Kitchen Chef Matthew Statham and John Williams of Fred's Meat & Bread in Atlanta, Georgia.

Statham wowed judges with his Sweet Tea Chicken creation, while Williams brought it home with his TK slider, a hot Korean Cheesesteak, yum. Both gentleman took home the coveted Golden’s Cast Iron skillet, an automatic entry into the 2018 World Chef Challenge and they split the $3000 cash prize.

Not only were we there to check out the festivities, Mountain Valley Spring Water was also a major part of an awesome cocktail that was available for event guests. Mountain Valley was used in a signature cocktail that also featured Eli Mason syrup and Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Needless to say, it was a big hit!

If you attended MADE SOUTH’s Great Slider Showdown we’d love to see your pictures. Tag @mountainvalleywater in your pics on Instagram! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook too!

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