Health is about more than what food and beverages that you put into your body. What you feed your mind, spirit and soul are equally or in some instances more important. Nourishing your soul is essential to living a happy, fulfilling and stress reduced life. 
Here are 5 things you can add to your routine, to nourish your soul. 
Be Thankful: It is easy to focus on the things we want, but far more fruitful to focus on the things we already have. This doesn’t just go for material goods, it also applies to health, family, friends, piece of mind and other priceless things we often take for granted. 
Make Time for Fun: Whether it is with your significant other or a friend, schedule a night on the town at least once a month. This night can be extravagant or something as simple as dinner and a movie. Either way, no matter how much of an adult you’ve become, fun is still important. 

Start the Day Right: Instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up, take the time to be thankful for life. Meditate, read scripture from a holy book, pray or just breath. The emails and social media will still be there when you’re done. 
Sing a Song…or Play One: Is there a particular song that just makes you feel good? That is because all music has vibrations and some vibrations touch your innermost soul. Listen to your favorite song and don’t be afraid to sing along to your heart’s content. 
Tune In: A quick and easy way to feel more centered is to get in tune with nature. Visit a state park, local park or sit in the backyard and enjoy the trees and other beautiful creations that nature has to offer. 
We’re interested in finding out which tips you have to nourish your soul. Feel free to share them with us @mountainvalleywater.