Cold and Flu Buster Water Bottle

Cold and Flu Buster Water Bottle

Guest blogger: Lyndi Fultz, NWA Foodie

It happens. You wake up one morning and you feel a bit stuffy in the head with a somewhat familiar sinus pressure hitting you right between the eyes. Is it allergies? Is it a cold? Is it the flu? Please don’t let it be the flu.

You’ve got great things to accomplish so you start your day. Shower, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, grab a cup of coffee or tea to-go. Yet… that sinus pressure is reminding you that it’s still there.

Here’s a helpful tip. Drink lots and lots of water. Easy enough, right?

Here’s another helpful tip. While your fixing that early morning cup of coffee, fix two cups of tea. Reach for teabags that are filled with wonderful cold-n-flu fighting ingredients. Add a bit of honey and lemon juice while you’re at it. Now comes the fun part….

The first cup of tea, honey, and lemon juice go into your water bottle and topped with Mountain Valley Spring Water. Take it with you as you head out the door.

The second cup of tea goes into ice cube trays… for the future. That way it will be waiting for you when you get home or for tomorrow, when you head out again and may be short on time.

Stay well and healthy!




One eight-ounce cup of tea/honey/lemon makes one ice-cube tray or fills one water bottle.


• 1 tea bag, organic Echinacea Plus, Turmeric Ginger or similar tea that is marketed to boost the immune system

• 1 tablespoon honey

• Juice of one organic lemon

• Mountain Valley Spring Water

• Lemon slices



1. Brew tea using an electric teapot or teakettle on the stove top with Mountain Valley Spring water. Pour into mug with tea bag, honey, lemon juice, and stir.

2. For ice cubes: When cool, remove the tea bag and pour into ice cube tray. Cut up lemon slices and place into ice cube trays. Once frozen, drop ice cubes into water bottle and top with Mountain Valley Spring Water.

3. For water bottle to-go: When slightly cooled, pour contents into water bottle and top with Mountain Valley Spring Water.

4. Enjoy!


Lyndi Fultz, nwafoodie

Arkansas Women Blogger member Lyndi Fultz writes about living and eating well from her life in beautiful Northwest Arkansas at nwafoodie. Much of her blogging inspiration comes from this gem of a place, which she refers to as the proverbial land of milk-and-honey. Read more related to cooking, entertaining, gadget suggestions, ingredient explorations, local finds, local restaurant treasures, kitchen tour spotlights, and always with a healthy and simplistic approach.

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