Fall in LOVE With Mountain Valley

Chocolate, Strawberries, flowers oh my!

Every year Valentine’s Day is filled with romantic gestures, boxes of chocolates and vases of flowers. February 14 is a great time to celebrate love with delicious drinks and desserts, but we say you don't need a holiday excuse to sip on a sweet cocktail. Wash down your leftover Valentine's chocolates and desserts with this light and sparkling treat! South on Main has mixed up a signature sip that’s going to make you fall in love all over again with the pure refreshing taste of The Mountain Valley.


1.5oz Damson Plum liqueur (or high quality Sloe Gin)

1oz simple syrup

.5oz fresh lemon juice

3oz Blackberry Pomegranate water

1 large sprig rosemary (as swizzle)

Build ingredients in a large soda glass over ice, and use the large rosemary sprig to swizzle the drink around to mix, which should allow all the berry flavors to have a slight herbal background.


Sip and enjoy!

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