Water Quality Matters

August is National Water Quality Month, a time that’s very important to us here at The Mountain Valley. This month, we’re reminded to take a look at where our water comes from and what our communities are doing to protect its precious sources. Since Mountain Valley water comes from a protected natural spring in the heart of Arkansas' Ouachita Mountains, water quality is always on our minds and August is an extra special month for us.

Water quality may seem like a strange thing to have an entire month dedicated to—after all, water doesn’t seem complicated, and it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, some bottled water manufacturers don’t think that way. According to the EPA, when it comes to choosing a source for bottled water, access to large markets often trumps access to high quality water. Up to 45 percent of bottled water sold in the US comes from a municipal source—not a natural one.

The water doesn’t just come from sources that aren’t natural—it also undergoes a lot of changes after it’s bottled. Many bottled waters contain additives to feign freshness, leaving traces of plenty of harmful chemicals in their wake. Contaminants like chloride, manganese and copper can be harmful for your body, but are very present in most bottled water.

We’ve always believed in the quality of our water, so when it comes to Mountain Valley Spring Water, what you see is what you get. The water we bottle in the Ouachita Mountains is the very same water you drink—no additives, chemicals, preservatives or colorants. We don’t have to add anything for our water to taste crisp and pure—the naturally occurring minerals, high alkalinity and 7.8 pH give The Mountain Valley more health benefits than chemicals.

Our source is sacred and we’d never dream of doing anything to alter the water that flows from it. In the spirit of Water Quality Month, we invite you to learn up on the water you use every day and hydrate with the all-American, all-natural goodness of The Mountain Valley. Straight from the source to your table.

Read our latest Water Quality Report on our site here, and learn more about how to get Mountain Valley delivered to your door here

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