Upcycling with Mountain Valley

We live in an amazing time of information, we’re able to learn to do unique things with objects that would have otherwise been discarded, or if at all possible, recycled. We live in a time of upcycling, and it’s a lovely way to personalize your favorite places. So, when you’re not sending your glass bottles back to be cleaned and refilled, you can be growing things in them or giving them new life in other ways. 

You’ve probably found yourself on Pinterest, in absolute awe of someone’s fancy DIY project and thought, “Wait. I can do that.” We’ve all had that moment. Some things might be a little ambitious, but glass bottle cutting has been simplified with specialized kits you can find online for around $20. 

Once you have your kit, there are just a few other essentials you’ll need to make your very own Mountain Valley Spring Water vase. Here are some ideas to make your upcycle pop. 

• Cut several different lengths and sizes of bottles and create a cluster-style succulent garden
• Use one of our liter glass bottles to plant a bushy Asparagus Fern or hearty English Ivy
• Fill with water and sprout an avocado from the seed
• Lucky Bamboo!
• Living mini-herb garden for the kitchen window
• Cut several shorter bottles for moss rounds to hang facing out

There’s a ton of other ideas and examples out there to get started. You can turn four of the 500 ml bottles into the perfect juice glass set, and some fans have even made their own candles. No matter what you make, we suggest getting friends in on this adventure and hosting a gathering. If you need a good detox water recipe, have a look at one of our signatures

We want to see how it came out! Tag us in your pics so we can be very impressed - @mountainvalleywater. 

*Please recycle. Recycling facilities may not be available in your community. 

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