Proudly Rooted

We’re proud of our roots. 

And of our surrounding mountains, springs and forests, too. In 1871 our founders named the company Mountain Valley. We've held onto that name for a reason: to honor this land that, for centuries, has been a source of life. Our water comes from mineral springs that flow through Ouachita National Forest, the oldest National Forest in the southern U.S. With close to 1.8 million acres, this area of what is now western Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma ecompasses an array of untouched and stunningly beautiful lands, from the 2,753-foot peak of Magazine Mountain to the depths of the granite-lined aquifers that feed our springs. 

In between are old-growth woods studded with the northern red oak, white oak, post oak and blackjack oak trees that thrive at these higher elevations. The criss-crossing streams of Ouachita’s lower climes are lined with a leafy patchwork of eastern redcedar, gum bully and winged elm trees, and with thick bushes of yaupon holly flecked with ruby-red berries. 

Ouachita National Forest is home to six protected wilderness areas, where black bears, bobcats, white-tailed deer, pheasants and skunks roam, far from the reach of humans. 

Teeming with flora and fauna, this forest seems to thrive on these mineral-rich waters just as we do. 

Mountain Valley Spring Water comes by its body-balancing minerals — a healthful blend of potassium, magnesium and calcium — organically, albeit fairly slowly, over the course of a millennium or four. The layers of limestone, shale and sandstone that make up the Ouachita Mountains serve as a natural filtration system. The rocky slabs soak up rainwater impurities while infusing it with key minerals essential to life. And this is just the first half of our water’s journey. 

After filtering through the Ouachita Mountains and into the granite aquifers deep beneath them, the water is then pushed up and out, through more layers of rock and marble that date to the second period of the Paleozoic Era, roughly 485.4 million years ago. Our water concludes its 3,500-year journey by gurgling into our springs, naturally purified, naturally mineral-infused and naturally healthy. 

We bottle Mountain Valley Spring Water directly from the source, deep in the heart of our beloved Ouachita Mountains. We bottle in glass, and only glass, to preserve Mother Nature’s centuries of nourishing hard work, ensuring it arrives at your door intact. 

We’re proud of our roots. We’re even more proud of the water those roots drink in. 

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