Guest Blogger: Tanya Radulovich

After working as a skincare specialist for more than a decade under some of the city’s best clinics, I opened my own skincare boutique, Tanya Skin Care. One of the greatest aspects is the freedom to do what I think is best for all skin types, based off of my experience over the years. One of the most crucial is using the best ingredients, in my treatments and in my products.

After years of drinking Mountain Valley at home, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my practice. Not only for the great water, but my belief that quality needs to permeate all aspects of my clinic, and Mountain Valley has that brand recognition and association with quality.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, which is why it requires proper care and hydration. Our skin is naturally designed to be the first line of defense with infection and environmental stresses, and its ability to do so is affected by its pH level. Our skin has a thin but protective layer on its surface called the “acid mantle” which is made up of free fatty vids excreted from the skin’s sebaceous glands, which mixes with lactic and amino acids from sweat to create the skin’s natural pH, which should ideally be slightly acidic – at about a 5.5. Many factors can interfere with that delicate balance (poor products, smoking, sun damage, pollution, and, you guessed it, bad water)

After learning about all these intricacies of keeping healthy skin, choosing Mountain Valley to use throughout my practice was essential. Normal tap water can be extremely counter productive in my practice. Everything from industrial solvents, to pesticides are all to often found in tap water tests and unfortunately, chlorine and fluoride are often added to tap water sources, which are both counter productive to a healthy skin regimen.

When water is 100% pure and free of contaminants, chemicals and additives, consuming the proper daily amount is beneficial. It can improve your energy, increase your mental and physical performance, remove toxins and waste from your body, and keeps you more relatively alkaline. Studies have also shown that drinking pure and balanced water may also improve your physical look, keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Mountain Valley Spring has a great pH level of 7.8 on the scale which I have found is a great balance. In my opinion, its the best water – which is why I use it both at home and at my clinic, both for consumption and for topical cleansing and product applications. Tanya Skin Care uses top of the line equipment, the best natural ingredients in my products, and the best water for our treatments, which are all essential in creating that beautiful and healthy skin that we strive for.

Tanya Skin Care,
2518 Main Street
Santa Monica, California 90405

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