At Mountain Valley, we love seeing great things made with our water! Check out this beautiful and healthy ice cube recipe made with Mountain Valley Spring Water.

Whether you’re making a tasty cocktail or looking to liven-up a glass of sparkling water, these ice cubes are guaranteed to chill and infuse your drink of choice with a refreshing flavor. Thanks to Laura with @onelovenutrition for sharing!


-Mint ice cubes: In an ice cube tray, combine loosely chopped mint leaves and Mountain Valley Water. To keep the mint looking superb, gently submerge the mint leaves in the water of each ice cube section before placing in freezer.

-Blackberry ice cubes: Bring to room temperature frozen blackberries and gently mash blackberries to release the juices. Pour blackberry juice in each ice cube section and fill with water. Make sure to include some blackberry pieces in each as well!?? Enjoy!

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