Inert Glass, Inherent Good

When we first started bottling our spring water over 145 years ago, plastic and BPAs weren’t even around, our water’s mineral-rich, natural taste has always been preserved. Throughout the years, we’ve always favored glass to maintain that purity, and subsequently have been dubbed the “best-tasting water in the world.”

If you’re not familiar with what BPA means, it’s an acronym that stands for a scary sounding industrial chemical that’s been used in the production of polycarbonate plastics since the 1960s. These plastics are often used for food and water storage systems, but we’ve recently discovered they aren’t the safest. Why?

Over time, certain plastics present a risk of the actual chemicals used to make the container, leaching into the food or liquid it’s holding. That’s a pretty big risk when you think about how many chemicals you’re unknowingly digesting in your leftovers, or that smoothie you made too much of and saved for later. Kind of makes you want to switch to glass for everything, huh?

We can’t save you from microwaved to-go containers, but we hope the world continues the conversation about the advantages of glass. Here are just a few reasons our glass bottles are doing their part:

Fresh - As a highly regarded food pairing water, we always want to make sure chefs, food critics, and everyday foodies are treated to a perfect palate cleanser. When we send our glass bottles out, we have great confidence the water will be just as pure and tasty as it was when it was bottled. Plus, glass is tamper free. 

Reusable - Once you’re done with a Mountain Valley Spring or Sparkling Water glass bottle, it’s still full of life. Glass can be recycled over and over, without losing its strength or quality. Making the effort to slip it into the recycling bin will ensure it gets another use. So next time you have one of our beautiful bottles, think green, and help keep the circle of hydration going. 

Clean - Glass has a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb and hold germs the way plastic does. This makes them a lot easier to recycle, not to mention, the bottle keeps its clarity after hundreds of washes. Speaking of clarity, glass holds up against things like lemon juice, which could normally degrade or discolor plastic. Add all the juice and pulpy blends to our bottle that your little heart desires. 

Like what you read here? Great, there’s more! Head on over to our blog to see some delicious water recipes from our Detox Monday collection. 


*Please recycle. Recycling facilities may not be available in your community. 

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