Why spring water in a glass water bottle tastes better

Drinking water in a glass water bottle or aluminum bottle is proven to be better tasting and better for the planet. At Mountain Valley Spring Water we refuse to compromise our water — not its health, not its flavor, and certainly not the purity and sustainability of its source. We do our best to make it the best water to drink. 

We know our signature green-glass bottles look chic, but they’re more than just a pretty package. Glass has been our go-to bottling material since our founders launched Mount Valley in 1871. 

Glass can’t be tampered with and can be recycled, over and over, without losing its strength or quality. Glass is naturally non-porous, meaning it will not leach inorganic chemicals into our spring water during storage or shipping, nor will it alter its flavor, that award-winning flavor beloved by chefs and epicureans across the U.S. 

Glass isn't used only for our signature green bottles, it's how we package our 2.5 and 5 gallon water jugs, as well. Why let our small bottles have all the crisp, clean, delicious fun? We treasure every drop of Mountain Valley Spring Water, and want it to reach your lips at its thirst-quenching, body-balancing best.

In 2020, we added aluminum bottles to our lineup. Shatterproof and lighter than glass, these bottles are perfect for hikes, sporting events or simply lounging by the pool. As with glass, aluminum is 100% recyclable. The metal can be recycled continuously without degrading. 

We’ve chosen these materials for their quality, sure, but also for their sustainability. Spent glass easily becomes new glass. Aluminum easily does the same. It’s less waste. We like that. 

Our water comes from the earth, an earth we’re charged with protecting. It’s a chicken-and-egg situation: without pure, delicious water, we can’t be The Mountain Valley Spring Water; and without quality packaging, we can’t deliver pure, delicious water. 

Sacrificing the environment means sacrificing our livelihood. It means sacrificing the health and wellbeing of the springs that have fed us for 150 years; the springs we hope will continue to flow, clean and perfect, for centuries to come. 

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