Twisted Moscow Mule

An American classic meets America’s best tasting water with our latest recipe

With summer’s scorch in full throttle, it’s hard not to want to put Mountain Valley Spring Water into everything. So, we decided it’s time to cool down and take the edge off by pairing our Premium Sparkling Lime Twist with a classic Moscow Mule and behold-- the Twisted Moscow Mule recipe was created! Perfect for a summer BBQ or your next brunch event, the Twisted Moscow Mule is refined and refreshing. 
I didn’t realize I needed one more Hoo-Raw before kids went back to school, but this drink gives me all the reason! Luckily, there are only a few easy steps and simple ingredients.

What you’ll need:
(makes a single serving)

●    2 oz vodka
●    4 oz The Mountain Valley Premium Sparkling Lime Twist
●    1/2 oz lime juice (juice from half a lime)
●    Slice of ginger (roughly size of your thumb)
●    Lime wedge for garnish

The traditional Moscow Mule is very gingery, but our unique recipe lets the brightness of lime take center stage. However, those ginger undertones are still essential. Start by crushing your ginger slice using the back of a knife, pushing the slice into the cutting board. This opens up the flavor of this sweet and spicy root. Place your crushed slice into a shaker with 2 ounces of vodka and let the ginger infuse into the vodka while you prepare the rest.

In the spirit of tradition, you can use a copper mug, or in the spirit of summer, you can use a mason jar. Either way, it sips just as smoothly! 

Into your cup of choice, pour 4 ounces of chilled Mountain Valley Premium Sparkling Lime Twist and the juice from half of a lime. Keep a wedge of the same lime for your finishing garnish. For natural minerals, we recommend freezing Mountain Valley Spring Water in an ice cube tray overnight. Returning to your shaker, add a big scoop or 3-4 Mountain Valley Spring Water ice cubes into the infused vodka, shake, and pour all contents into your mule. Sip, share, smile, repeat! 

Pairing ginger and lime is always the way to go when impressing a crowd on a hot day. Be sure to have your recipe on hand because your guests won’t want to leave without it.

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