Chef Story: Keegan Hughes - Peach & The Porkchop

The farm-to-table trend that has become increasingly popular amongst quality restaurants and top chefs goes hand-in-hand with what we do at The Mountain Valley Spring Water. Just as chefs source the best natural meats and vegetables for their dishes, presenting pure, refreshing spring water is integral to creating a wonderful culinary experience.

Georgia’s Peach & The Porkchop is one of a growing number of restaurants that are now serving Mountain Valley water. 
Much like many young men and women, Peach & The Porkchop’s executive chef, Keegan Hughes learned how to cook from watching his mom. “She loved to cook and she taught me everything I know,” he says. “Every time I go home, I still ask her to make my favorite dish of hers, cheesy chicken and rice.”

Once Chef Hughes left the nest and ventured off to college, he began to learn to cook on his own, making traditional southern dishes. It was there he discovered that cooking would become a major part of his professional life. “I’ve been working 60 hours a week since I got out of school because this is what I love to do,” says Hughes. “It isn’t a job or a hobby of mine. Food is my passion. I come in and do what I love.” 

Nothing was handed to Hughes, he worked his way up through the reins, from busboy to executive chef. These days, the Atlanta, GA resident spends his time fusing flavors to make mouth-watering dishes at Roswell’s first family restaurant. “At Peach & The Porkchop I’m allowed to [cook] what I want to cook and order whatever I’d like so It’s really broadened my horizons from mac and cheese and collards. Now I’m doing braised oxtail and seared trout with smoked gouda and jalapeno cream corn and sautéed broccolini.”

As the head chef, Hughes pays close attention to every ingredient that is served, including the water. He and Peach & The Porkchop owner Charles “Chuck” Staley are admittedly both proponents of natural still water. Once they were introduced to Mountain Valley a little over a year ago they were blown away by the quality and price—every dollar counts in the restaurant business. They have been serving it to their customers ever since. 
Whenever you travel to the Atlanta metro area be sure to stop in to Peach & The Porkchop for a bite—chef Hughes says the pork chops are a must have—and don’t forget to order a bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water to wash down your meal. 


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