Strawberry Mint White Wine Spritzer

We’ve officially hit the peak of summer, which is why we think it is the perfect time to share one of our all-time favorite cocktail recipes with you: Strawberry Mint White Wine Spritzers. This recipe has been a lifesaver this summer and we think you’re going to love it too.

Just imagine - it’s a hot summer day in the month of July and you are more than ecstatic that it’s the weekend. You and your best gals decide to take a
trip down to the fabulous region of Palm Springs. With the scorching heat, you know it’s going to be a wild ride until your best gal, Jan, decides to pick
up a few ice-cold bottles of Mountain Valley Sparkling Water. Soon enough, you all are in the kitchen crafting up a big batch of freshly made Strawberry Mint White Wine Spritzers.

As you all head on down to the pool, you realize that these Strawberry Mint White Wine Spritzers truly hit the spot. You can’t imagine being anywhere else and that is the exact dream that Mountain Valley Spring Water has for all of its customers. If you do not already know, Mountain Valley Spring Water is in pursuit of life, purity, and crisp clean taste and that is why it is so important for us to discover recipes that offer all natural American goodness.

These Strawberry Mint White Wine Spritzers are made with fresh and
simple ingredients such as sliced strawberries, fresh mint leaves, white wine,
and of course, Mountain View Sparkling Water.

To create this cocktail, you’ll want to begin slicing some fresh strawberries until you have about ½ cup full. You will also need ¼ cup of fresh mint leaves, one bottle of your favorite white wine, and one bottle (16 oz) of our Mountain Valley Sparkling Water.

Once you have all of your ingredients, you want to start by placing a few cups of ice into a large pitcher. Then, you can begin to add your freshly sliced strawberries and mint leaves. You will want to stir those ingredients together and then add your white wine and more ice. Once all of those are mixed together, you can top it off with your Mountain Valley Sparkling Water. Finally, you can garnish it with some mint and sliced strawberries
and enjoy!

We hope you truly enjoy these Strawberry Mint White Wine Spritzers. We know we have!

Strawberry Mint White Wine Spritzer (Makes a pitcher)

• 1/2 cup sliced strawberries
• 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves
• 1 bottle white wine
• 1 bottle (16 oz) Mountain View Sparkling water

• Place a few cups of ice in a large pitcher
• Add your strawberries and mint and stir lightly
• Add the white wine and more ice and stir
• Top with Mountain View sparkling water and pour into glasses
• Garnish with strawberries and mint
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