Our Top Picks for the Best Water Dispensers for Spring Water

How can I drink more water? It’s a question on seemingly everyone’s minds. 
Proper hydration is crucial; crucial for thinking, crucial for moving, crucial for balance, wellness and overall health. When it comes to staying hydrated, water remains the gold standard. Water is, quite literally, what we as humans are made of. It has no calories, no sugars, no additives or preservatives. The very best water, such as our award-winning Mountain Valley Spring Water, which we bottle directly from our protected source in the heart of America’s Ouachita Mountains, is pure, unadulterated refreshment. 
So, how can you drink more water? Make it easy and keep the crisp taste of Mountain Valley Spring Water close at hand with a high-quality water dispenser. 
Water dispensers, sometimes known as water coolers, aren’t just for cubicle-filled offices. A good water dispenser makes drinking water easy — at home, at the gym and, yes, at the office, as well. 
The best water dispensers do more than just spit out water. They heat it and chill it. Some even consider the hydration of your furry best friends. Today’s best water dispensers also take the heavy lifting out of the process with easy-to-manage refills, so you spend less time replacing and more time relaxing — hydrated and healthy. 
Shopping for a new, or first, water dispenser? Here are a few we absolutely love.

Designed to look great on even the chicest of kitchen countertops, Mountain Valley’s stainless-steel crock bundle blends natural materials — glass, steel, wood — with sleek design to create a water dispenser that feels modern yet timeless, elegant yet functional, dapper yet ready for daily use. This beautiful bundle, which includes the branded stainless steel water dispenser with stainless steel spigot and wooden tabletop stand, is a stylish way of offering Mountain Valley Spring Water’s 2.5 and 5-gallon glass water jugs to all who pass through your kitchen. 

The best water dispenser for pet lovers:
Deluxe Top Loading Water Dispenser with Pet Station
Our pets need to stay hydrated, too, and this deluxe water dispenser makes drinking water exceptionally easy for all members of the household. The Deluxe Top Loading Water Dispenser with Pet Station allows you to refill your dog’s or cat’s (or bunny’s or pot-belly pig’s) water bowl with the touch of a button. The innovative and flexible design means the accompanying water dish can be attached to the front, right or left of the dispenser, allowing it to fit almost anywhere in your home or office. 
The Primo water dispenser also features: a spill-proof bottle holder with leak guard that makes water bottle refills clean and simple; a pet bowl and drip tray that are dishwasher safe; an LED nightlight; and a stainless-steel water reservoir to inhibit bacterial growth and keep your Mountain Valley Spring Water at its finest for everyone in the family. 
The best countertop water dispenser:
Deluxe Countertop Ceramic Water Dispenser 
Small but mighty and timelessly chic, this countertop dispenser holds 2.5 or 5-gallon jugs. The Deluxe Countertop Ceramic Water Dispenser doesn’t require electricity, meaning it can sit wherever you need it. The simple design, which includes the four-legged wooden stand, makes it highly durable and, if we may say, pretty darn cute, too. You’ll have instant access to the crisp, award-winning refreshment of Mountain Valley Spring Water with just the flick of a tab. 

Where to find the best water dispensers?

While there isn’t a Water Dispensers R Us (that we know of), those near our Mountain Valley Spring Water hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas can peruse a glittering array of water-dispensing options at the Mountain Valley Visitor Center. Located in the city’s Central Avenue Historic District, our Visitor Center is featured on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Parks Service, an honor we hold dear. 

Stroll through our historical memorabilia. Bask in the carefully restored original decor. And find the water dispenser of your dreams to go with a case (or 12) of our award-winning Mountain Valley Spring Water. 

If you’re not near Hot Springs, don’t fret. Mountain Valley has partnered with distributors coast to coast for home and office delivery. Your local Mountain Valley distributor offers plenty of water-dispenser options from which to choose, available to buy or rent. 

Drink more water; get started with home or office spring water delivery by clicking here.

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