Supporting the Culinary Leaders of Tomorrow

Mountain Valley partnered with the Texas Food & Wine Alliance by supporting their Culinary Arts Career Conference (CACC) this fall. This free one-day conference gives Texas high school culinary arts students the opportunity to learn and gain inspiration through direct connection with culinary professionals from a broad spectrum of career paths in the food and beverage world.

This year’s speakers included Top Chef alum and restaurateur Tiffany Derry;  author and meat expert Jess Pryles; food connoisseurs Gavin Booth and Karen Reinsburg; and pitmaster and chef Evan LeRoy. It was a feast of tips and tricks for breaking into culinary professions.

Since the conference kicked off in 2013, the conference has hosted more than 2,600 students from over 70 Central Texas high schools, connecting them to more than 95 unique panelists, speakers, chefs, and local culinary mentors. Now that the Alliance is statewide, CACC is digitally offered to all Texas high school students.

Mountain Valley is proud to support organizations like the Texas Food & Wine Alliance dedicated to supporting the hospitality community. To support the organization and learn more about remaining 2021 events, visit their site here.

Photo & video courtesy of Texas Food & Wine Alliance.

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