Guest Blogger: Kat Robinson

You might be surprised by some of the many individuals who have enjoyed Mountain Valley Water over the decades. From the elite to celebrities to Presidents of the United States, this refreshing beverage has been enjoyed and shared.

Around the turn of the 20th century, a rumor started to circulate about two men who met on a train heading from Hot Springs to New York. The two men sat down to dinner, and each brought a bottle of Mountain Valley Water to go with their meal. They reportedly agreed to create a partnership to purchase a franchise of the Mountain Valley Water Company in New York – but, when it came time to exchange business cards, they discovered they were already sworn enemies. The men in question? The newspaper monopolist William Randolph Hearst and the renown gambler Richard Canfield, who Hearst had campaigned against in his papers.

Calvin Coolidge is believed to be the first U.S. president to have enjoyed the beverage in the White House. Dwight Eisenhower drank the water on the advice of his physician after a heart attack. Eleven other presidents have shared Mountain Valley Water at the White House, including Arkansas’s own Bill Clinton.

All sorts of famous people have consumed this natural beverage, including athletic competitors such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Gene Tunney and Joe Lewis. Even The King himself, Elvis Presley, loved this Arkansas product.

It’s no wonder. Its flavor has been lauded from the earliest days of distribution. It’s been named “Best Water in the World” twice at the famed Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. Its naturally alkaline properties are celebrated as a great pairing for a naturally acidic diet. Mountain Valley Water has hydrated and refreshed since 1871, and it’s the only American water distributed nationally under one label.

Today, you can share in the celebrity experience by sharing your photos with Mountain Valley Water. Simply use the Instagram or Twitter hashtag #MountainValleyWater.

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