Jump Start Your New Year

Jump Start Your New Year

Guest Blogger: Bret Gornik

When it is beautiful outside, the birds are chirping, and the sun shines until late in the evening, there is no excuse to not get outside and move. But now with colder days and longer nights, the excuses to stay active can pile up sky high.

It’s easy to hold strong to your resolutions for the first few weeks but what do you do when you start to lose the motivation? Don’t let that be you! Cold is a hurdle not a wall. Cookies are not a necessity. Wine does not flow like water. Do not just consume food, enjoy it. Proper fitness, nutrition, and hydration are going to keep you moving forward, decrease chance of getting sick, and motivate you to keep it up all year long!


  1. Create a workout schedule- Now that you have settled back into your normal routine, put pen to paper and create your workout schedule that will work for your daily routine.
  2. Sign up for workout classes- When you sign up and pay for something, you are more likely to do it! Group classes are a fun way to mix things up. Try out a bootcamp or your local yoga studio. The community vibes will keep you motivated!


  1. Eat small meals, multiple times a day- In order to combat your cravings, be sure to pack healthy snacks that you can treat yourself to throughout your work day. Going back to the office can be tough so be sure to pack a variety of snacks that will settle your cravings and keep you fueled up such as fruit, nuts, granola, yogurt etc.
  2. Meal plan- The best way to ensure you’re eating healthy is to make it yourself! Find a meal calendar to help schedule and prep your meals throughout the week. This easy trick will save you time and calories!


  1. Spring water- Quality is the key. Drinking spring water balances out your PH level, which supports your immune system.  Mountain Valley Spring water provides the highest quality spring water and comes in a glass. This combo gives you the best possible water to hydrate your system without any of the toxic chemicals that bring you down found in plastic. Choosing the right water is just as important as how much your drink. Get the best to be the best.
  2. Water challenge- The most important part of staying on track with your New Year goals is hydration. Dehydration causes illness, dry skin, fatigue and cravings. Start your day with as much water as you can! Make it a challenge.  Fill two one liter bottles with water and make sure you drink at least both of those during the day. Try adding a pinch of sea salt and half a lemon to each bottle to increase the hydration uptake in the body and change up the taste.


Do not be a pawn within the New Year rush. Be the leader. Step up your fitness, nutrition and hydration game to keep on track in 2017!


Bret Gornik, Co-Founder & Chief Optimization Officer at Live Better

LIVE BETTER is a Chicago-based wellness company aimed at one goal - helping you have the best day ever, everyday. From personal training, group class training, nutrition consulting, and healthy lifestyle design to corporate wellness initiatives, a podcast, and e-books, LIVE BETTER is devoted to building a health-conscious world. Whether it's getting in the gym for the first time, learning to cook, sleeping better or just managing stress, let us know how we can help. As a nutrition/fitness aficionado, Bret pursues the exploration of superfoods, superherbs, raw chocolate, and functional strength building in order to always have the best day ever. 

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