Fresh Faced: DIY Face Mists

In the summer, keeping hydrated is more important than ever. Warm, dry air can do a number on your skin. Drinking Mountain Valley Spring Water is one way to satisfy the need for hydration. But our spring water can be used in another creative way to quench your skin’s thirst - DIY face mist.

Face mist sprays are the perfect solution to keep skin hydrated on the go. Soothing and replenishing, mineral water spray quickly refreshes your complexion. Our water comes from a natural spring and is rich in minerals.

Grab a bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water from your shelf, or order online with direct shipping, to use for a homemade facial mist. You’ll also need an empty spray bottle to hold your mist.


Here are a few of our favorite DIY face mists using Mountain Valley Spring Water:

Green Tea Face Mist


Green Tea Bags



Heat water then steep tea according to directions. Remove tea bags and allow tea to cool. Transfer tea to a spray bottle and keep refrigerated.

Cucumber Aloe Face Mist


Fresh Cucumber

Pure Aloe Vera

Witch Hazel



Peel and dice your cucumber. Transfer cucumber to blender or food processor and puree. Using a cheesecloth or sieve, strain cucumber juice into small bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Transfer into spray bottle and keep refrigerated. It should keep fresh for about a week.


Lavender Chamomile Face Mist


Lavender essential oil

Chamomile tea



Brew chamomile tea using Mountain Valley Spring Water. Once tea cools, add 5 drops lavender essential oil. Transfer to spray bottle, place lid and shake well. Store mist in the fridge.


Use only pure essential oils to make these facial mist sprays. Some ingredients may be irritants to sensitive skin. Test a small amount of the spray on your skin before full application.

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