Explore our historic

Visitor Center

The original Classical Revival building was built over a spring in 1910. And in 2004 authentic renovations revived its legendary popularity for a whole new generation of residents and visitors.

Bathhouse Row

The natural hot springs, gardens, and promenades of Bathhouse Row have attracted all, from esteemed presidents to notorious gangsters. Mountain Valley is proud to be a part of this rich heritage.


Take a stroll through bottled water history in our Visitor Center where we proudly display Mountain Valley packaging past to present along side other water brands from the turn of the century.


The third floor of the Visitor Center was originally a big-band hot spot of the roaring 1920s famously known as the “Japanese Ballroom.” Now the carefully restored original décor makes for extra fancy administrative offices.


Our Visitor Center and headquarters building is listed as part of Hot Springs’s Central Avenue Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places and we couldn't be more honored.