Nourish - Soak/Dehydrate Nuts + Seeds

Nuts are a great source of protein (for more info check out our source of protein blog here), but they can also cause digestive issues. Such a gift and a curse, right? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Soaking nuts in a saltwater solution helps to reduce enzyme inhibitors and phytates that can cause digestive issues.
The process is fairly easy. This is how it’s done. 

1. Place 4 cups of nuts and/or seeds in a mason jar with one teaspoon of salt. Fill the jar to the top with Mountain Valley Spring or Sparkling water and swirl around until the salt dissolves. 
2. Cover the jar and let it sit overnight. 
3. Drain the nuts and/or seeds with a strainer. Rinsing the nuts is optional. 
4.  Spread your lot in a single layer on a dehydrator tray, or if you don’t have one, lay the nuts out on a regular tray outside in the sun. Make sure the tray is covered with a clean towel to protect from bugs. 
5.  Dry nuts until they are free of moisture and crunchy. The process usually takes around 24 hours. 
Once you are done you will have raw and healthy nuts free of enzyme inhibitors. 

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