Award-Winning Flavored Sparkling Water

For the best flavored sparkling water, Mountain Valley Sparkling Spring Water is it

We’re a country that loves to sparkle.

Americans are drinking more sparkling water than ever before. U.S. consumption of sparkling water soared 67% from 2013 to 2018 alone, according to a survey from the market-research firm The NPD Group cited in The New York Times. Consumers want healthier, less sugary and more natural drinking options. They’re tired of sodas, and they’re turning to flavored sparkling water as their solution.

But not all sparkling waters are created equal, especially flavored sparkling waters.

At Mountain Valley Spring Water, we’ve long recognized the natural, purely refreshing taste of our direct-from-the-source spring water. Delivering that taste from coast to coast across the United States is what’s driven our company for more than 150 years.

We also recognize our water’s delicious potential.

Our flavored sparkling waters combine the best of our award-winning Mountain Valley Sparkling Spring Water with hints of natural fruit essence to create some of the best flavored sparkling water not just in the United States — but in the world.

Named best flavored sparkling water in the world.

We aren’t just tooting our own bubbly and refreshing horn on this matter. Even the water experts agree that our flavored sparkling spring waters are some of the best on earth.

In 2019, the world-renowned judges at the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia named Mountain Valley Blackberry Pomegranate Sparkling Water the best not just in the region, or the country, but in the world. That’s right: the world.

That same year, the Berkeley Springs judges ranked Mountain Valley White Peach Sparkling Water No. 3 in the world.

We couldn’t have been more thrilled, though we weren’t exactly shocked. Mountain Valley Sparkling Water, the naturally sourced water that serves as the base for our flavored sparkling waters, has ranked among the best in the U.S. and the world for eight years.

In fact, in 2019, Mountain Valley Sparkling Water also earned best-in-the-world honors. And in 2021 our sparkling water won best in the U.S.

Also in 2021, Mountain Valley Key Lime Twist Sparkling Water bested waters from across the globe to win Best Flavored Water at the 2021 Global Water Drinks Awards presented by Zenith Global. The industry's only Global Water Drinks Awards are designed to celebrate excellence and innovation across every category of the packaged water industry.

Bubbly goodness with zero calories and zero artifice.

Awards aside for a second, there’s a reason so many Americans are turning to flavored sparkling waters. We’ve seen the ill effects sugar and artificial sweeteners can have. We want to be healthy and drink healthy. That’s where Mountain Valley’s flavored sparkling spring waters come in.

Crisp, refreshing and effervescent, with just the right hint of our natural fruit essences, Mountain Valley offers the drinking experience sparkling-water aficionados seek. Bottled in reusable and recyclable glass, our flavored sparkling spring waters are naturally flavored and naturally free of calories.

And because all of Mountain Valley’s waters come from our protected spring tucked deep in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains near Hot Springs, Arkansas, they’re naturally infused with trace minerals that create a lush, pure base on which we layer our carbonated fruit essences.

A healthful, zero-calorie beverage that hydrates and refreshes? Whether served straight from the bottle or over ice, that’s exactly what Mountain Valley’s flavored sparkling waters deliver.

Best in the world: How Mountain Valley Blackberry Pomegranate Sparkling Water earned its crown.

There’s a reason the Berkeley Springs judges named Mountain Valley Blackberry Pomegranate Sparkling Water the best in the world.

It tastes that good.

Sipping Mountain Valley’s award-winning Blackberry Pomegranate Sparkling Water is like taking your taste buds on a journey.

It starts with a rush of bubbles tingling and awaking your tongue. Then your nose kicks in, picking up the scent of ripe blackberries and lush, juicy pomegranate. These natural essences blend in the mouth, creating a sensation that’s lightly sweet and pleasantly tart. One that’s bright and lively. One that lingers just long enough, but that does not overstay its welcome.

We find this journey tends to conclude with an audible “aahhh,” the kind of proclamation that your mouth releases automatically and intuitively, emanating from deep within whatever part of the brain is responsible for recognizing refreshment.

We also find this journey tends to repeat itself — bubbly, tingly, juicy, bright — over and over, with one refreshing sip after another, after another, after another (you get the idea).

At Mountain Valley, we’ve always believed our Blackberry Pomegranate Sparkling Water to be world-class. To have the Berkeley Springs’ judges affirm this for us in 2019 was a wonderful bonus that left us, well, positively bubbly. 

The fan favorite: Mountain Valley White Peach Sparkling Water.

You know when you get that perfect summer peach: the one picked at peak ripeness; the one that makes your eyes roll back in your head with sheer joy; the one that’s sweet as the sun and drip-down-your-chin juicy.

That’s how we feel about Mountain Valley White Peach Sparkling Water.

Named No. 3 in the world by the Berkeley Springs judges in 2019, we find our White Peach is most beloved by Mountain Valley’s many longtime fans. The delicate, purely peachy flavor of this sparkler lingers on the nose and on the tongue. It’s like biting into that perfect peach and then immediately chasing it with a gulp of our world-class, purely sourced, sparkling spring water.

The subtle all-natural sweetness and bubbly effervescence blend to create something perfectly summery, perfectly refreshing and all-around peachy.

Tangy and twisted: Mountain Valley Key Lime Twist Sparkling Water.

Also a big winner in 2021, Mountain Valley’s Sparkling Key Lime Twist is always a crowd pleaser. It’s the tart and tangy standby that makes everything it touches taste that much better.

Naturally infused with the invigorating brightness of Key limes, this fizzy delight tastes like a day at the beach. It’s the sparkling-water equivalent of burying your toes in the sand and staring off into the breezy, azure waves — but this beach day has been bottled in glass and is available to sip year-round.

A favorite of bartenders, chefs and mixologists, Mountain Valley’s Key Lime Twist adds bright life to a simple gin and soda. Or it can be used to add depth — but not calories — to a classic margarita. We’ve seen it blended with sorbet, with watermelons, with cherries, all of which have made our mouths water.

Though we have to say: This limey classic certainly doesn’t need any embellishment. Our Key Lime Twist Sparkling Water is downright delicious on its own.

Our Mountain Valley Sparkling Essence flavors come in 333 milliliter and 1 liter glass bottles. And they’re available in three lively flavors, including Blackberry Pomegranate, White Peach and Key Lime Twist.

We think our flavored sparkling water is remarkable, and it turns out we’re not alone. Looking for more ways to incorporate some of our award-winning sparkling flavored waters into your life, check out our library of recipes!
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