With a tangy twist of natural key lime flavor, this bubbly favorite tastes like a day at the beach all-year long. Mountain Valley  Sparkling Key Lime Twist Spring Water is available in 333 mL and 1 Liter glass bottles.

Tart & Tasty

Mountain Valley Key Lime Twist isn’t just any sparkling spring water. This award-winning flavored sparkling water balances countless delicate bubbles with the natural fruit essence of Key Lime. With zero calories, zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners, Key Lime Twist brightens cocktails and mocktails. It makes every sip sparkle.

A Foodie’s Delight

The beautifully tiny bubbles that make Mountain Valley Key Lime Twist Sparkling Water such a fizzy delight also delight chefs and food lovers. You’ll find our signature glass bottles of sparkling water behind the country’s best bars and in its top kitchens. Or you can try it for yourself, with these chef-tested and mixologist-approved recipes that put our Sparkling Key Lime Twist to purely refreshing use.

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Naturally Sourced, Natural Flavor

Mountain Valley Key Lime Twist Sparkling Water comes from the same place as every other bottle of Mountain Valley: our protected spring nestled deep in the Ouachita Mountains. Spring water this pure and crisp needs little else. We add some elegantly tiny bubbles and just a hint of natural fruit essence. That’s all. Our zero-calorie flavored sparkling waters are naturally free of sodium and always free of sugars and sweeteners.

The Best of the Best

The venerable tasters at the 2021 Zenith Global Water Drinks Awards named Mountain Valley Key Lime Twist Sparkling Spring Water the Best Flavored Water. With fizzy bubbles and a tart hint of Key lime, we understand the allure. Pucker up and taste for yourself. Pair Mountain Valley Key Lime Twist with lime-infused simple syrup and fresh thyme for a sparkling take on limeade. And find more recipes for sparkling water cocktails and mocktails here. 

From Our Source To You

From Our Source To You

Mountain Valley’s national distributor network makes it easy to bring the source right to your door. Our water is available in a convenient range of sizes including our premium glass bottles that preserve the naturally sourced spring water's mineral rich healthy quality and taste. Whether for your home or business, Mountain Valley makes it easy to stay hydrated with America's most award-winning water.

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