Why Glass Bottled Water is a Fan Favorite

Woman pouring water into glass from glass dispenser

Water bottled in glass is simply better. We at Mountain Valley Spring Water have known this for decades, and now the internet — and the country at large — is catching on. 

Our iconic green-glass water bottles are gracing the hands and bags (and handbags) of glamorous celebrities, as well as the desks of celebrated podcasters. Our clear-glass water jugs are going viral on TikTok and Instagram. Mountain Valley Spring Water is having a moment, thanks to a new generation that’s figuring out what we’ve long known: When it comes to water, there is none better than Mountain Valley. 

Woman holding our iconic green glass bottle

Gen Z, as it turns out, are over plastic. They are happy to pay a bit extra for insulated, reusable bottles and cups — see: Yetis, Hydroflasks, the current Stanley craze — that will keep their water cool and their bodies hydrated. If they’re going to grab a water bottle on the go, they want those bottles to be conscientiously made, purely sustainable, and 100% recyclable; all the best attributes of glass. 

When it comes to water, Gen Z also isn’t compromising. They are filling those giant Stanleys with the good stuff: Mountain Valley Spring Water. While this may seem trendy to some, we’ve been in on this delicious “secret” for more than 150 years. Since 1871, Mountain Valley has been bottling and delivering crisp, refreshing and purely sourced spring water from our protected spring in the verdant heart of the Ouachita Mountains of the Southern U.S. to stores and homes across the United States. And we are thrilled to have more people catching on. 

Filling those giant cups requires giant bottles of water, and we’ve got those, too. Mountain Valley’s 2.5 and 5-gallon glass water jugs have been a mainstay of our lineup for, well, as long as we can remember. While they may be hot on social media right now, we’ve known them, loved them, and filled our cups from them for years. 

At Mountain Valley Spring Water, we get it: Glass-bottled water really is better. 

Here are just a few reasons why … 

Woman holding Mountain Valley Spring Water in Hot Springs National Park

Glass Bottled Water is Better — for the environment

Since our inception in 1871, Mountain Valley Spring Water has relied on glass for our bottles. Why? The purity of glass and the purity of our naturally sourced, naturally pH-balanced, naturally mineralized spring water go hand in hand. 

Glass is endlessly recyclable.* Glass is reusable. Glass is more sustainable. And our emerald-green glass bottles are, if we may say, eye-catchingly beautiful, too. We love seeing tall, glass bottles of Mountain Valley Spring Water atop restaurant tables and picnic blankets, and along the shelves of your favorite grocery stores

Beautiful rose gold dispenser with Mountain Valley Spring Water 5 gallon

If you want more than a bottle, Mountain Valley Spring Water has you covered. Our 2.5 and 5-gallon glass water jugs, which are available for home or office delivery, are just as stunning as our iconic green-glass bottles. These sleek jugs make for Instagram-worthy centerpieces to any home kitchen; ones that don’t just make you look good but that make you feel good and keep you hydrated, as well. 

Our 2.5 and 5-gallon glass water jugs are just as recyclable and sustainable as our green-glass bottles. In fact, at Mountain Valley, we recycle our glass water jugs the old-fashioned way: once you’ve sipped the last sip of water, simply leave your empty jugs by the door on your next delivery day; our drivers will pick up your old jugs and replace them with new ones filled fresh from our protected spring. We take the old jugs, clean them, sanitize them, refill them and then send them back out to refresh someone else’s day. 

Women chatting and drinking Mountain Valley Spring Water

Glass Bottled Water is Better — for the taste

When it comes to preserving the delectably crisp flavors of Mountain Valley’s award-winning spring water, glass is the clear winner. 

Glass is impermeable, meaning it will never absorb flavors or smells. Glass is also non-toxic, made from natural materials and, as mentioned above, wholly recyclable. Unlike plastic, glass is also inert. This means our glass bottles will never leach chemicals of any kind into Mountain Valley Spring Water. This is just one of the reasons Mountain Valley is the most award-winning bottled water in the country. Seriously. The judges at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, considered by many to be the “Academy Awards” of water, have awarded Mountain Valley 19 honors since the tasting’s inception in 1991. From Best Bottled Spring Water to Best Flavored Essence Sparkling, Mountain Valley’s full range of glass-bottled products are regularly ranked among the best not only in the United States, but also the world.

We take uncompromising care of our water from start to finish, from the protection of our spring-fed source to the quality of our bottles. The best water, after all, deserves the best packaging. And it’s impossible to beat glass. Glass will remain inert even at high and low temperatures, meaning even if left in a hot vehicle, our glass-bottled water is safe to drink and will taste exactly as delicious (if a little warmer) as ever.

Mountain Valley Home Delivery

Glass Bottled Water is Better — for the likes

At Mountain Valley Spring Water, we may not all be Gen Z-ers, but we are hardly immune to a viral post. If the delicious, sustainable and beautifully impermeable benefits of our glass-bottled water aren’t enough, well then, why not just do it for the ‘Gram? Or the TikTok? Or the X/Threads/BeReal/whatever-new-thing-us-non-Gen-Z-folks-don’t-know-about-yet? 

There is no shame dipping into the Mountain Valley Spring Water pool because TikTok made you do it. Whatever brought you to us, we are thrilled you’re here. And once you taste our purely sourced, naturally mineralized, perfectly pH-balanced spring water, we know you’ll stay. Get started with delivery of Mountain Valley’s glass water bottles and jugs by clicking here.

*Please recycle. Recycling facilities may not be available in your community. 

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