Guest Blogger: Campbell Shelton

For many coffee lovers, finding a way to brew the perfect cup from home can be a daily struggle. Frequenting your favorite coffee shop can be both an act of convenience and desperation. Over the years, I have spent boatloads of money in unsuccessful attempts to brew a cup that would hold a candle to what I got from my favorite local barista. Even after buying a sophisticated pour-over system and expensive bags of locally roasted beans, all my batches were either too strong, too weak or too indescribably “off.” I began to feel as if I was fighting against some giant caffeinated conspiracy. What was it the baristas were hiding?

While many stress the importance of bean quality – flavor, roast and location of origin (no doubt all central aspects of the perfect cup) – what few acknowledge is the significance of water. I suppose it seems too obvious to mention. Water is water, right? Wrong. Because your average cup of coffee is 98% H2O, even the most quality grounds can be tainted if paired with subpar water. Baristas and coffee aficionados alike agree that spring water is oftentimes the secret ingredient to brewing the perfect batch. Mountain Valley Spring Water contains what your tap does not: the necessary dissolved oxygen and metallic ions to naturally extract and enhance the flavor of your favorite beans.

What if the perfect cup of coffee was one green glass bottle away?

Mountain Valley Guide to the Perfect Cup of Coffee:
1. One 11.3-ounce bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water
2. .71 ounces of Mountain Valley Premium Coffee
3. If using a pour-over system or a French press, heat water to anywhere between 195 F and 205 F and slowly pour water over grounds, steeping for roughly 3 minutes.
4. If using a basic percolator, simply pour a bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water into your machine and let it do the work for you.

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