Staying Hydrated on the Go: Mountain Valley Spring Water From Austin to Los Angeles

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Go grab coffee. Go to the gym. Go to doggy daycare. Go to kiddie daycare. Go to work. Go to a meeting. Go to lunch. Go to a meeting. Go to a meeting. Go to the store. Go to kiddie daycare. Go to doggie daycare. Go home. Go make dinner. Go fall into bed. Go do it all again. 

Going is what we as humans do. And to get going, stay going and keep going, hydration is key — especially in bustling cities like Austin and L.A. Staying hydrated on the go can be tricky. At Mountain Valley Spring Water, we understand this well. “The go” doesn’t often pause for thirst. “The go” doesn’t always allow for water breaks. But staying hydrated on the go can be done, and it can be refreshingly easy if you keep these tips and tricks in mind. 

Mountain Valley Spring Water with coffee and orange juice

Stay Hydrated on the Go: Healthy hydration starts at home

Once the day gets going, it can be hard to stop it. That’s why drinking water early and often is key, whether you’re in L.A., Austin or anywhere else across the country. Drinking water first thing in the morning, either in lieu of coffee or in addition to coffee, can have tremendous health benefits, while also kickstarting your daily hydration. 

Benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning:

  • Aids digestion
  • Ensures metabolism is functioning optimally
  • Counteracts the dehydration that can occur during sleep
  • Helps flush toxins and harmful gut bacteria from the system
  • Fills the stomach and helps to avoid overeating

These benefits, we think, get even more beneficial when that first morning sip of water is Mountain Valley Spring Water. Since 1871, Mountain Valley Spring Water has sourced our purely crisp, purely fresh and hugely award-winning water from the same protected spring located in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains of the Southern U.S. 

Woman hiking at Hollywood sign

Mountain Valley Spring Water is naturally mineralized, naturally alkaline and naturally delicious. Ours is the kind of water worth waking up for. We know mornings aren’t easy, which is why we ensure our water is not only delectably easy to drink, but also wonderfully simple to have on hand. 

You can find Mountain Valley Spring Water at your neighborhood grocery store, from the shelves of L.A.’s Erewhon Market to the aisles of Austin’s Fiesta Marts to every Whole Foods and Sprouts in between. If you’re not up for the L.A. and Austin traffic, have your cases and jugs of Mountain Valley Spring Water delivered directly to your home or office. We offer home and office water delivery coast to coast across the United States, L.A. and Austin, of course, included. That means no lifting, no hauling, no carrying, no traffic — just purely crisp, wholly refreshing spring water at your doorstep. 

Woman doing a handstand with her water bottle in Austin, Texas

Stay Hydrated on the Go: Keep your water with you at all times

Sure, it’s easy to pop into a drive-thru for a mochaccino, or dip into a convenience store for a soda, but when it comes to hydration, experts agree that nothing compares to water. 

Water is nature’s hydration. Water comprises more than 55% of the human body. Water is, quite literally, what we’re made of. And when it comes to keeping these bodies of ours hydrated, even on the go, water is the best and healthiest answer. 

Man walking dog in Los Angeles

To make sure you have water whenever and wherever you need it, be it Austin’s Barton Creek Greenbelt or the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, we at Mountain Valley Spring Water offer a multitude of to-go options. 

Mountain Valley 750 milliliter spring water in aluminum: 100% recyclable, our 750 mL aluminum water bottles go anywhere you go. From the pool to the park to the putting greens, these bottles were built for the always-on-the-go lifestyle. 

Mountain Valley .5 and 1 liter glass water bottles: Our iconic green-glass bottles (also recyclable) are great to keep in the car or at the desk for sipping throughout the day. We like to use them as a home base, of sorts; a way to refill other smaller cups and bottles while on the go. 

Mountain Valley 333 milliliter glass water bottles: Our same iconic green-glass bottles, but in a size that fits nicely into a purse or backpack. These smaller bottles can keep you company, and keep you hydrated, all over the place. 

Mountain Valley 2.5 and 5 gallon glass water jugs: Speaking of home bases, these water jugs make for stunning fixtures in any home or office kitchen. They offer a place where you can refill or top off or start fresh with your hydration any time of day or night. Unlike common plastic water jugs, Mountain Valley’s glass jugs are reusable, refillable and recyclable. Best of all: They’re filled to the brim with the award-winning goodness that is Mountain Valley Spring Water. 

Woman putting water bottle into her bag before a busy day

Stay Hydrated on the Go: Just keep sipping

Morning water: Check

Water to-go: Check

So, you’re off to a nicely hydrated start. But to keep that hydration going, whilst on the go, you must keep sipping. 

According to the experts at Harvard, the average adult woman should drink 72 ounces, or nine cups, of water or liquids each day for optimal hydration. For adult men, that number rises to 104 ounces or 13 cups of water. When our bodies get dehydrated, the effects may include fatigue, confusion, irritability and even depression. Dehydration increases the risk of urinary tract infections, kidney stones, gallstones and constipation. 

While chugging large quantities of water is one way to reach 72 or 104 ounces, experts say taking small sips of water consistently throughout the day is better for our health and more effective for hydration. Smaller, more frequent sips of water allow our bodies to better absorb the water, whereas large quantities of water tend to pass quickly through the body and become urine. 

For those trying to stay hydrated on the go, setting reminders to sip your water can be a helpful way to keep drinking. There are even apps for that, including WaterMinder and Hydro Coach. 

More tips to keep sipping:

  • Find a water bottle you love: It doesn’t have to be expensive or trendy or fancy, but having a favorite water bottle or cup means you’re less likely to leave it behind and more likely to have it nearby for that next hydrating sip
  • Set a timer: If you don’t want another app, simply set a timer to go off every 30 minutes or 1 hour, reminding you to sip
  • Find a water you love: It’s easy to drink more water when that water is as award-winningly delicious as Mountain Valley Spring Water. Mountain Valley is water as nature intended it: naturally mineralized, naturally alkaline, and naturally, crisply, purely and wonderfully refreshing. 

Woman taking Mountain Valley on the go

Stay Hydrated on the Go: Drink Mountain Valley Spring Water

The thing about “the go” is that, true to its name, it never stops. When you’re on the go, you can’t either. Thankfully, the crisp, purely sourced goodness of Mountain Valley Spring Water can make “the go” feel like a hilltop getaway to a coolly refreshing mountain spring — if only for a sip or two.

Mountain Valley Spring Water makes on-the-go hydration feel like a walk in the park. Or in the lushly verdant forest our protected spring calls home. Talk about refreshment! Make hydration on the go deliciously simple: Get started with home or office delivery of Mountain Valley Spring Water here.

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