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Sipping On The Porch Swing Featuring Cathead Vodka

We are always proud to partner with other great Southern brands and makers like the folks at Cathead Distillery. Mississippi-born and bred, Cathead Distillery was the state's first legal still...over 100 years after prohibition. They make high quality small-batch spirits, including their Cathead Vodka that makes a perfect complement to Mountain Valley Sparkling Water.

Here’s a beautifully crafted cocktail called “The Porch Swing” that’s quick and easy to make. 


  • 1.5oz Cathead Vodka
  • 4oz Mountain Valley Sparkling Water
  • Your choice favorite fresh fruit & herbs - we like to add citrus flavors and rosemary. 


  • Mix Vodka & Sparkling Water together, garnish with fresh fruit and herbs. 
  • Best enjoyed on your porch swing, of course!


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